Constantly Growing Moscow: The City of Inspiration

Russia is the land famous for its rulers, cold winters, and poetry. A big part of Russian culture is concentrated in Moscow, the capital city and heart of the Russian Federation. With the constantly growing economy, this is one of the world’s most expensive cities and the richest city in Russia.

Apart from being an economic center, the city is also famous for its art culture. All the legendary writers from the 19th century worked here. Today, one can see performances of the recognizable theater groups and take a peek of the significant galleries and museums.

The best time for being here is from May to September, since the winter can be harsh, but not unbearable. If you have a strict budget, the best thing is to find a place outside of the town and travel to the center by taking the metro.

Although it’s not completely safe, the transportation system is well-developed. With beauty and entertainment, everything Russia has to offer is concentrated in Moscow.


Starting with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, over 50 popular museums decorate the city and offer a bountiful treasure of art collections:

  • Museum of Modern Art  – This the first state museum focused exclusively on the art of the 20th and 21st century. Permanent collections and temporary exhibitions are held in the former 18th-century mansion. Also, the museum offers displays and exhibitions of unknown artists who are yet to be discovered.
  • The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – The most impressive and mostly original collection of foreign art since ancient times is located in the Pushkin State Museum, designed to resemble an ancient temple.
  • The State Darwin Museum – Established in 1907, this museum was the first and only museum of evolution in the world. Displays include animals from all climate zones and wildlife in general, with an end view of the relationship between man and nature and the course of their future.
  • The State History Museum – Covering the whole Russian empire back to the Stone Age, the State History Museum has exceptionally decorated walls and rooms in different styles, according to different periods and regions. It is located at the northern end of the famous Red Square in a building from the late 19th century.
  • The Glinka national museum consortium of Musical Culture – About a million music-related items such as manuscripts, unique musical instruments, sheets of music and personal belongings of well-known musicians are centered here. The museum holds exhibitions, concerts, and interactive lessons, as well as master classes.

Architecture and Monuments


Russians are recognized for their scientific achievements, so it’s no wonder they have the self-proclaimed “tallest” educational building in the world. This magnificent piece of architecture is 240 meters tall, and for a while, it was the tallest building in Europe. The story goes that it would take over 17 years to visit every room.

However, the tallest buildings in the world for a couple of decades were the Seven Sisters. A bundle of skyscrapers in the center of Moscow are used today as universities, hotels, and apartments. One of them is the home of the foreign ministry.

Concerning the Russian heritage, the Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin are listed as a world heritage sites by UNESCO. The Kremlin offers a lot of museums, cathedrals, treasures and antiques, which tourists can visit from Friday to Wednesday between 10h and 17h.

Nightlife & People


With 26 bars and 11 nightclubs, the nightlife in Moscow is very vivid. As soon as one club is closed for business, another opens right away, so people can drink and dance the night away. The list of popular clubs goes from the elite to those with an underground feel:

  • Krasny Oktyabr (Red October) – A large complex of bars in the middle of the river with a lovely view over the Christ the Savior Cathedral.
  • Gipsy – A-list club with an incredible view and vibrant atmosphere until the wee hours.
  • Fantomas – private club with crème de la crème of the society.
  • Bonfire – The cocktail bar includes dance music and molecular gastronomy.
  • Mendeleev – For the lovers of mystery and live piano, techno or house music, this bar is pure perfection. Mendeleev is kind of a secret bar and can be found behind a hidden entrance.

Moscow is a city for everyone, no matter the age and personal style. The city that never sleeps has something for every visitor passing by. It’s grand, artistic, nostalgic and the number one destination on the list of cities with mesmerizing sunsets. Whether it’s a fun trip with friends or a romantic voyage with a loved one, this is a perfect place to visit and you should definitely keep it on your bucket list. Russia may seem cold and distant but it’s everything but that. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to experience the magnificent city of Moscow.

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