How to Travel on a Budget and Enjoy Yourself to the Fullest

trgrwtgrThere are so many people who deny themselves the joy of exploring the world because of money troubles. If you are one of them, you can forget about these problems. This guide will teach you how to travel on a budget and enjoy discovering even the most expensive destinations.

How to Travel on a Budget: A Savvy Traveler’s Guide

1. Book the cheapest flights

It might seem that booking cheap flights today is easy as you only need to compare the prices online. However, there are so many comparison websites and other services for cheap booking that finding the best ones will take a while.

The truth is that there isn’t a single best service. Therefore, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time exploring the options offered by:

  • Skyscanner.
    This service offers a comparison of a huge number of airlines and some of the best deals there are. There’s a mobile app for your convenience.
  • JetRadar.
    This comparison engine offers not only flights from leading world airlines but also budget options. Note that the majority of such services do not include budget airlines by default. So, unless using this one, you’ll have to check each airline’s website directly.
  • AirFare Watchdog.
    This service is particularly good on finding special discount flights, such as occur due to errors.
  • AirWander.
    This is the best service to use if you want to truly make the most of your trip. It will allow you to plan extended layovers, so you’ll get 1-2 days to explore one more destination.

Keep in mind that mid-week and night flights as well as flights with multiple layovers are the cheapest. Last-minute deals can be extremely generous, but if you plan the trip in advance, waiting for them is too risky.

2. Forego hotels

Although sometimes you can find generous hotel deals, it’s best to avoid them altogether when you travel on a budget. Your best options are:

  • Hostels might not be as luxurious, but they are much more fun than any hotel. Here you not only have a place to sleep, shower, and cook, but also get to meet interesting people. If you are planning to explore the world, consider becoming a member of Hostelling International. This organization includes hostels from multiple countries and membership will give you special discounts.
  • Airbnb.
    Airbnb is a great service for those who want to live in comfort and enjoy their privacy. The range of rates offered on this website is huge, so you’ll definitely find something that fits within your budget. Be sure to check the reviews of the hosts to assess the level of their trustworthiness.
  • Couchsurfing.
    Couchsurfing is so much fun, you should consider it even if you can afford to stay at more expensive places. Traveling with this service means you get to meet the local community and become part of it. It’s a perfect way for making likeminded friends and getting assistance with exploring new places.

3. Cook your own meals

While eating out and discovering new flavors is enjoyable, it’s also very expensive if you visit popular tourist spots. Therefore, if you travel on a budget, you should stick to cooking your own food. Hostels and other cheap accommodation options usually have kitchens for their guests.

To ensure maximum economy, you should research the local markets and stores in advance. This way, you’ll know where to go and what to expect price-wise. Look up local recipes as well, because native ingredients are always cheaper.

Do go out to eat at least a couple of times during your trip to enjoy a complete tourist’s experience. You can get tips on cheap but good local restaurants and cafes while talking to locals online through various traveler forums. Also, check out TripAdvisor as it offers an extensive library of reviews for any tourist attraction on the planet.

4. Explore the cities on foot

All biggest cities that attract tourists are full of wonders that you can easily miss, unless guided by a pro. As excursions are usually expensive, you can benefit from cheap or free walking tours led by local guides. Services, like Strawberry Tours specialize in this kind of activities. You can look them up to find tours in the place you are interested in.

Going on foot is the best option for those who travel on a budget, as anything else will have a rental fee. If you are unable to walk for long, look for cheaper bus tours or find a group of other interested travelers and rent a car together. You can also use BlaBlaCar.

5. Find discount cards

You can find discount cards and codes for anything today, including tourist attractions. Major cities, like Paris and London, offer city tourist cards that’ll give you a discount at most popular sights. You also should look out for special offers on meals, shops, rides, etc.

Don’t forget to look at small discounts and other interesting deals offered by the places you plan to visit. For example, some museums have days or hours when the tickets are cheaper. Or they unite with other city museums to offer a special kind of traveler discount (think Paris Museum Pass).

6. Explore free attractions

Even the most expensive tourist destination has a few free sights for travelers. Find out what those are in advance and have fun exploring them. Usually, those are parks and museums. However, you can also find exhibitions and shows. Those mostly run for special seasonal events.

As you can see, everyone can travel on a budget with some thorough planning. Don’t let anything stop you from going on an adventure!

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