Explore 5 Attractions in Dubai on Board of a Spectacular Ferrari

Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Fountains, Ski Dubai or Jumeirah Mosque are only a few of the main points of interests in Dubai, the city made on fast forward. Some say that Dubai is the fine representation of the future we only saw in the movies, but others think that this remarkable metropolis will accomplish even more challenges, as there are so many things to build. Planning to discover Dubai and you don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you into another dimension and let us propose you take the pulse of the city on board of a unique and delightful car, after you rent a Ferrari. Buckle up and get ready for a marvelous adventure!

A Ferrari Portofino for your visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

Burj Khalifa

Your adventure in Dubai can start with a rented Ferrari Portofino, a red-hot sports car which for sure matches the opulence and the magnificence of a great symbol in the city: Burj Khalifa. This fabulous building was created on paper in 2004, and five years later, the structure was ready and instantly nominated as the tallest building in the world. And expect the unexpected: 828 meters, 124 floors and 10m/s in an elevator to touch the clouds. Each place and each edifice in Dubai breath deluxe and wealth, so does your Ferrari Portofino, an extravagant car with a lightweight structure, 600 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

A superb Ferrari J50 for a drive to Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

A city full of richness like Dubai is home to many well-known international brands which you can discover in only one place: Dubai Mall, an exclusive hot spot made with outrageous investments of $20 billion. Your way to this luxurious place can start in the same manner, as you can rent a terrific Ferrari J50, a sports car designed to celebrate 50 years of success.

While in Dubai, on board of a Ferrari J50 with 690 HP, carbon fiber structure, good-looking exteriors and delightful interiors made with race cars attributes, have some time off and treat yourself with a shopping session at Dubai Mall, one of the finest ever built malls around the world.

A Ferrari FF for your visit to Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab

Once you have decided for a holiday in Dubai, make sure you have enough time to visit at least the main attractions in the city. Even if the imposing Burj Khalifa left you speechless, we have another challenge for you and that is Burj al Arab, a splendid sail-shaped building with a futuristic architecture. It is known as the one and only 7- star hotel in the world, so why not spoil yourself in a world full of luxury, top facilities, and unthinkable experiences where you can ask for a private butler if you want to? Your great entrance in one of the modern symbols in Dubai cannot be any different, which is why a Ferrari FF is for sure the best recommendation. And get ready for stunning characteristics: 660 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds, a top speed of 335 km/h and a classic design which can be recognized from far away.

Jumeirah Lake Towers calls for $3 million Ferrari Pininfarina

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Without a doubt, Dubai can be described in big numbers and impressive places and we invite you to visit them on board of a perfect car like Ferrari Pininfarina, the image of perfection created by a brilliant mind who put the imprint on the most wanted cars in the world. This time, we propose you enter into a different kind of world named Jumeirah Lake Towers. Not only that you will see luxury cars and wealthy sheiks looking busy in a residential place like this, but you will also want to understand how the 80 towers guard the futuristic metropolitan area. Luxurious accommodations, top restaurants and bars, exclusive night clubs, entertainment centers and shopping malls gather around the artificial lake, creating a distinctive line between day and night, tranquility and night fun. Ready to meet a brand-new world at Jumeirah Lake Towers? Then you should drive a Ferrari Pininfarina, an excellent sports car with race attributes, 597 HP, exceptional design and top engineering worth $3 million, in order to align with the opulence that it is present each second.

Drive a red-hot Ferrari and explore Palm Jumeirah, one of the wonders in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

The humankind has always wanted to touch perfection, and this is how brilliant minds decided to build… an island, and better yet, an archipelago. Palm Jumeirah is the artificial palm-shaped and man-made archipelago in Dubai designed and created in eight years (2001-2009). Here, you can find pretty much everything you dream of. Expensive hotels, golf sessions at exclusive golf clubs, Michelin restaurants and a great life, in general, are among humble attributes we can use when describing a marvelous attraction like Palm Jumeirah. This destination must be written down on your to-do-list, and make sure to spice up a little bit the entire journey by driving a remarkable car like Ferrari, the one and only item you should “wear” while discovering the lavishness of Dubai.

Surprising things you didn’t know about Ferrari

Ferrari cars have a great history behind, but how many of us know how this beautiful story began? Let us strike you with this info: Enzo Ferrari, at that time a mechanic at Alfa Romeo, learned everything about vehicles and then used the passion for sports cars and his knowledge to create a unique and very appreciated brand like Ferrari. He also created the logo, the prancing horse which it was a lucky item of a very good friend of Enzo. Needless to say more? Everyone knows and admires the prancing horse on a perfect red Ferrari. And the cherry on top, even Pope John Paul II drove a Ferrari in Vatican but donated it for humanitarian purposes.

You can make your own conclusion after dreaming for a few minutes of sumptuousness but let us finish the story in a very special manner and suggest you drive a marvelous Ferrari as soon as you visit Dubai and its attractions, sometimes impossible to describe in words.

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