8 Incredible and Surreal Natural Wonders of India

Have you ever witnessed the serene abode to nature where heaven meets the earth? If not, then visit the land of India where diversity in nature is amazingly beautiful and charming. Do you know that India is home to many natural wonders attracting travelers across globe? The country is blessed with exquisite and divine natural beauty in the form of mountains, valleys, sea, lakes and forests. Natural wonders of India are a source to feel peace and tranquility. However, a touch of mystery makes it interesting to explore.

Sometimes, nature becomes a mystery that astonishes human beings with its mechanism. Though, they remain unsolved, but the fascinating beauty of such places are appealing and soothing to our senses. If traveling is in your blood and the explorers’ spirit lies in your soul; move to these 8 photogenic natural wonders of India which are difficult to believe, but they are indeed surreal. These places will leave you in wonders and urge you to say “It happens only In India”.

Gurudongmar Lake, Lachen, Sikkim – The Aquatic Paradise on the Earth

This Lake is compared to the heaven on the earth. This serene lake is located on the surface elevation of 17000 ft. This beautiful natural wonder is one of the highest located lakes in the world. The distance to reach the lake is almost 200 kilometers from Gangtok through roadways. This lake is a paradise located in the North Sikkim, and a major tourism spot providing business and trade opportunity to the local people. This lake is also believed to be sacred as the folklore depicts that this lake is blessed by religious Guru of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev. It is believed that the lake used to be in a freezing mode throughout the year, but a touch on the surface of the lake by Guru Padmasambhava was magic and thereafter it became the source of fresh water for residents. The Lake is also called the “Blessed lake”.

  • Entry Fee – Free
  • Best Time to Visit – Round the year

How to Reach

Train is the best medium to reach at this mesmerizing lake. You can deboard you train at New Jalpaiguri railway station from where you can book a cab or taxi to reach Gangtok. You can also head towards Lachen directly from the Jalpaiguri railway station which takes almost 5 – 6 hours of road drive. There are trains from Jalpaiguri railway station reach at the Darjeeling railway station connecting the tourists from new Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. Booking a cab from new Jalpaiguri railway station is the best option to reach Lachen.

Nearest Railway station

  • Darjeeling railway station (170 kilometers from Lachen)
  • New Jalpaiguri railway station (195 kilometers from Lachen)

Nearest Airport

  • Bagdogara Domestic airport (201 kilometers from Lachen)

By Road

  • From Gangtok to Lachen – 5- 6 hours taxi / cab drive
  • From Bagdogra Airtport – 6 – 7 hours of drive by private cab / car via NH- 10
  • From Darjeeling railway station – 3 to 4 hours Cab/ Taxi Drive

Travel Taste Tip: Your travel to India isn’t complete without having the taste of regional cuisines. You must try out Thupka, Dhindo and Phagshapa , a non-vegetarian cuisine, and a traditional meal of Sikkim. You can also try our different Indian dishes in train during your journey by ordering food online in train while travelling to different parts of India via Indian Railways.

Lonar Crater Lake, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

If you are among them who appreciates Taj Mahal as the only the marvelous wonder, it’s time for you move towards the Bhuldhana district in the state of Maharashtra. Lonar Crater Lake is known as the only lake made of hyper velocity impact crater in basaltic rocks on earth. This lake is an example of meteoritic impacts on the earth making it one of the third largest crater lake of the world. So plan for an adventurous trip to Lonar Crater Lake and be ready to traverse around this mystery of nature. Also, visit the ancient temples surrounding the lake.

  • Best Time To visit – Around the year
  • Entry fee – free

How to Reach

The Indian Railways, Airways and Roadways are the medium of travelling available here.

  • By Train: Jhalna Railway Station (90 kilometers from Lonar Crater)
  • Nearest Railway station is “Jhalna”. Here you can de-board your train. For further journey book a cab from Jhalna railway station.
  • By Air: Aurangabad Airport (160 kilometers from Lonar Crater Lake)

Aurangabad domestic airport is the nearest airport. From here you will have to book your cab.

  • By Roadways: Aurangabad district is well-connected with the roadways. You can use Government run or private buses to reach at the lake.
  • Travel taste Tip: Beef Tikka Kabab and Tandoori Chicken are the best cuisines to taste in the town.

Flower Valley, Chamoli, Uttarakhand – An Abode of Flowers

Your wait for the most wonderful place where you can lose yourself is the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The Flower Valley of Uttarakhand is a nature’s gift for the tourists. The Flower valley is also referred as the Antelope Valley of USA because of its rich landscape and variety of flowers. The green meadows, alpine flowers and numerous endangered animals have found their home in the Flower Valley at Uttarakhand. What amuses about the valley is that it’s neither planted by anyone nor maintained by any governing body. Yet the beauty of the Flower Valley is surprising and attractive than a well-grown flower garden.

  • Best Time to visit: June to August (When flowers are at full blooming season)
  • Entry Fee: Free

How to reach: The way to Flowers valley is through the mountains inspiring you to trek further to reach at this heavenly beautiful place.

  • Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun (295 kilometers from valley of flowers )
  • Nearest railway station: Rishikesh railway station (270 kilometers away)
  • Roadway: Gobind Ghat is the town where buses and cabs reach from several towns of Uttrakhand. From Gobind Ghat tourists trek about 17 kilometers from a narrow and well- defined mountain trek for reaching at flowers valley. It takes almost 5 to 8 hours of trekking to reach at the spot.
  • Travel taste Tip: Must try out Kafuli and Phanu, the traditional dishes of Uttrakhand while journeying to this amazing valley of flowers.

Loktak Floating Lake, Manipur – World’s only Floating National Park

Loktak floating lake is located at the distance of almost 50 kilometers from Imphal, The capital city of Manipur. It’s the only floating lake of the world where circular floating swamps, called phumdis makes it iconic. It’s an ideal tourist spot and a source of basic needs for the locals of Manipur. The Like is a home to 233 species of aquatic plants, 100 species of birds, and 425 species of animals. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the park in the southern side of the lake.

  • Entry Fee – Free
  • Best Time to visit – May to September

How to Reach

  • By Air: Nearest Airport is Imphal airport located at the distance of 50 km from Loktak lake
  • By Train:Dimapur railway station (215 kilometers away from Loktak Lake)
  • By Road: Public buses and private cabs from Imphal.
  • Travel Taste Tip: Fish curries are the best dishes to try out at Loktak Lake. You can try out grass carp and major carp fish curries at the place.

Dhudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa: The Milky Way on Mountains

Dhudhsagar is a gigantic waterfall at Goa that outpours from the high elevation of 1017 ft. This beautiful waterfall creates an illusion of “Milk Spray” flowing from the great height. This amazing waterfall and surrounding landscapes are not less than a wonder on the earth.

  • Entry fee – Free
  • Best Time to visit: July to October

How to reach

  • By Air: Dabolim Airport (70 km away from Dhudhsagar)
  • By Train: Kulem is the nearest railway station (6 kilometers from Dhudhsagar)
  • Note: Dhudhsagar is a railway station itself but no trains halt at this station. However, for technical requirements some trains stop here for a minute. The beautiful scenery of waterfall can be viewed from the trains.
  • Travel Tastes Tip: Seafood are the best food items to taste in the town of Goa. Chilled beer and fried prawns are the retreat to enjoy.

Hide and Seek Beach, Orissa – The Magical Beach

You may find it or you may not! It completely depends upon the mood of the swishing sea waves. The majestic beauty of the sand dunes and tress are always present on the location, but the presence of sea waves is mysterious. The hide and seek beach, locally called as “Chandipur beach” is known for its flagrant behavior of appearance. Locals say that it’s the magic that pulls up the entire sea shore. The phenomenon takes place everyday making the mysterious sea-shore present and missing at the beach. Some believe that during the time of high tide the sea comes back to the sand dunes making it a perfect beach, and dwindle five kilometers back during low tides movement. However, no one has witnessed the appearing and disappearing phenomenon of the sea-shore. Locals prefer to call it a magical water body.

  • Entry fee – Free
  • Best Time to visit – Around the year

How to reach

  • By Air – Howrah International Airport, West Bengal
  • By Train– Balasore Railway station (17 kilometers away from Chandipur)
  • By Roadways: Public buses and taxis are available from Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Balosre railway station
  • Travel Taste Tip: Pilaf and Chena Poda are the traditional cuisines. Don’t miss it out while touring in Odisha.

Ganges Delta, Haldia – The world’s biggest Delta

The River Ganges is a holy river of India called as the “Goddess-Ganga”. The Ganges delta is formed with many rivers which mainly includes the Brahmaputra and the Ganges. This delta is a natural reservoir also known as the “Sundarban delta” or the “Bengal Delta” giving shelter to many aquatic creatures and is a major source of water for the Bengal tigers. Make a visit to this extreme beautiful location in the West Bengal region to experience the world’s largest Delta and glam of Royal Bengal tigers together.

  • Time to Visit: Around the year
  • Entry fee – Free

How to Reach:

  • By Air – Nearest Airport is Howrah international airport
  • By Train – Nearest railways station is Kolkata junction railway station
  • By Road –Hire cabs and taxis from Kolkata to reach Haldia
  • Travel taste Tip – Enjoy Macher Jhol and Rossogulla. You will love it.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

The magnetic hills at Ladakh are a mysterious hill range which fails the scientific approach of driving a car. It’s such a location where even if you turn off your car engines, your car will slowly move in an upward direction with a speed of 20 km/ hour. The fascinating pathways attract the tourists from the corners of the world for experiencing such a magical move. It is believed that the geo-magnetic power of this place is so high that it pulls up everything towards it, even your car. An interesting fact about the magnetic power of this majestic place is that it even attracts airplanes flying at a higher altitude.

How to reach

  • By Air: Leh International Airport (32 kilometers away)
  • By Train: Jammu Tawi Railway station is nearest railway station (700 kilometers away)

There are many natural wonders fascinating the tourist across globe. If you are also among those who want to experience these magical locations; then, plan a trip to the incredible land of India.


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