How to Get Free Skins For CS: GO in 2022?

Skins for CS: GO is a stimulus for spending time on various platforms trying to catch the low price or searching for a good trade offer. With more permanently added collections with exciting weapon designs, players search for the best methods of getting them.

Speaking about the original algorithms, CS: GO fans know each:

  • Opening cases in the game. It is required to purchase a key on the Steam market or reselling websites and use it in the game. The chances to drop covert or extraordinary items are the lowest, making this method the most unprofitable.
  • Roulettes and online casinos. Such websites have grown in popularity due to the provision of custom item collections. Players get possibilities for several game variants such as solo case opening, case battles, etc.
  • Betting and gambling. CS: GO significantly influenced online tournaments’ popularity, and now they are the most viewed worldwide. Players bet money or skins to test their luck and prediction skills and replenish their inventories with new items.

Fortunately, the tremendous influence of the skins on the community led to the creation of various free alternatives for getting skins for CS: GO. Let’s determine each, and find out the most popular and profitable in 2022.

Best 5 Methods To Get Free Skins for CS: GO

Each listed way doesn’t guarantee instantly getting the desired knife or AWP “Dragon Lore.” However, if setting the aim and using intelligent tactics, the chances for an expensive drop grow. And now, let’s learn the peculiarities of each method to get free skins.

Compete Online

For sure, most online tournaments for amateurs provide money or even website points as a reward for winning the championship. However, proficient players with durable experience and high game understanding skills can fight for the expensive prize (it can be more than a $500 item drop). The most popular championship modes are 1v1 battle on the aim map (15 or 30 rounds on a small map with free weapons on the ground) and 5v5 bomb planting mode.

The teams should apply for such championships in advance. Nowadays, the most attended platforms for online competitions are Faceit, Challonge, and WePlay. Each has an already formed community, playing hundreds of championships every day.

Participate in Giveaways

It is the most popular marketing strategy for CS: GO websites today. Practically every contest is fair because the platforms aim at increasing popularity, level of respect, and reliability. As a rule, the online roulettes ask to open at least 1 case on a website, and those who make it participate in a giveaway. The most regular items for such contests are knives, gloves, covert skins for AWP, AK-47, M4A4, etc.

Watch Broadcasts

Each player can get free Skins for CS: GO even while watching the popular streamer playing on Twitch. Everyone, who views it for more than 5-10 minutes (time depends on the streamer’s channel conditions), can get free streaming points and trade them on items later. Pressing the button when it appears on the stream is required to get the points (paid subscriptions bring loyalty to the audience and provide more points).

Trade Unnecessary Skins

Sometimes, there are many old and cheap skins not used during matchmaking. However, if they summarize their prices, it usually happens that they can be equally traded on one or several expensive items.

Trade Up Contracts

It is not very popular nowadays, but it is still an efficient way to get free skins. If there are several weapons of 1 quality in the inventory, they can be traded for the more qualitative one. Once there was a mainstream change to 10 M4A1-S “Knight” for AWP “Dragon Lore”, somebody succeeded in it.

Everybody who doesn’t mind getting free skins for CS: GO can do it. Everything required is to evaluate the possibilities, count time expenses, and fill the inventory with new exciting items.

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