Case Battles in CS: GO – an Efficient Alternative for Solo Box Opening

The developers win the gamer’s attention with plenty of methods such as a convenient ranking structure, possibilities to have fun on private servers, in-game events, etc. However, the additional interactive options, such as skin collections, are on a high level and better than many modern games have. The players acquire opportunities to test their fortune and open each box added to CS: GO.

Sometimes, getting the desired drop when unpacking boxes strictly depends on a money balance. With each key spent, the chances don’t grow that distance you from paying off. And the solution for an issue is joining custom battles on CS:GO platforms.

They are based on a simple algorithm: 

  • The player creates a custom lobby where he indicates the number of players and chooses the cases.
  • When the lobby is complete, the boxes are unlocked, and the awards are revealed.
  • The one who gets the most expensive skins becomes a winner and collects the competitor’s items as a reward.

In such a unique lottery, the item’s drop chances are only a half of the result. The critical factor is what the other lobby members get. So, let’s understand the battle’s main advantages and define the most popular sets to unlock collectively.

Why Choosing the Alternative?

The players always demand to have high chances to fill the inventory with new items.

They join particular battles on CS: GO websites because of the following advantages: 

  • Double the award: if the fortune is in a good mood, you gather each player’s drop.
  • Unique competition: more than 2 million users adore fighting for the main prize in the custom community mode.
  • Customized settings: the lobby leader choose the number of: cases (including the different types);players; rounds.
  • Flexible cost: it’s unnecessary to donate a lot of money to the website – everybody decides what cases to open (even the cheapest are allowed).

The advantages are apparent, and that’s a reason to fight in such exciting competitions and get more significant awards than one from solo opening.

Best Cases to Open in Battles

The experienced users say that it’s better to fight with 1 enemy to increase the chances to double the reward. It’s recommended to choose cheap cases for battling more than 1 round (even a small price difference leads to victory). Here is the list of the most popular boxes for the specific battles of CS: GO.

AK-47 Case 

It perfectly suits the battle mode because there are more than 20 various skins, each with a specific price. The expenses are paid off if winning, and the reward is at least twice bigger. Usually, the players aim to get “Asiimov,” “Frontside Misty,” “Neon rider,” and other skins.

Prisma 2

The collection is considered one of the best item collections, and its addition led to a market boom. Each design has a beautiful pattern, especially Glock-18 “Bullet Queen” and M41S “Player Two,” mainly valued by the community.


The case includes only red-quality skins and is profitable for multiple openings. The victory may improve your inventory net worth with AWP “Asiimov,” AK-47 “X-RAY,” M4A1-S “Printstream,” and other demanded things.


It’s the favorite option of the actual skin hunter who doesn’t mind playing a big game. The risks are sky-high, same as your readiness to show your fortune’s true face. Knife cases allow competition for luxury knives such as M9 Bayonet, karambit, flip knife, etc.

Overall, such specific online battles of CS: GO websites open an alternative reality to those who overpay for Steam market’s cases and keys. The competitions are an efficient method to test your luck and win a significant prize.

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