The Main Advantages of Hiding Your IP Address

secure internetEverything is done on computers today. Although some companies still use paper records, the number of them are dwindling. However, the problem with all data being online is that cyber attacks also are becoming more common. Virtual private networks can help you keep your data secure by hiding your Internet Protocol address. Why do you want to hide your IP address?

  1. Keep advertisers away

    People who advertise on the Internet are banking on the fact that you leave your IP address open to the world. They can see the sites you visit and what you buy. Then, you will begin to see advertisements that are similar to what you purchased or the site you visited. For example, say you visited a dental website. You will begin to see ads for teeth whitening or dental implants. However, if you secure VPN to hide your IP address, the advertisers don’t know where you visit.

  2. Remain anonymous

    Forums like to know who is leaving notes on their message boards. Then, they know whether they have a spammer or computer-generated post and can eliminate them. However, if you don’t want people to know who you are when you post a comment or have an opinion, you should turn to VPNs to hide your IP address.

  3. Avoid hackers

    Allowing sites to capture your IP address can lead to hackers taking your personal data. Hackers capture your IP address. They can sort through uniquely identifiable information where they learn details about you and steal personal information. They will use it for gain.

  4. Protect yourself against thieves

    Thieves search for IP address so they can figure out ways to steal from you. For example, if you put your credit card on an unsecured purchasing site, the thief can capture the information from your IP address and the site. The thieves will start using your credit card and racking up the bills. Secure VPNs are designed to protect your IP address from thieves, but you also shouldn’t ever give your credit card to any unsecured site.

  5. Protect your identity

    Chat rooms are places where identity thieves search for opportunities. They will ask people to visit a website that grabs their IP address and other data that can be used to steal an identity. If you don’t hide your IP address, you could be the victim of identity theft.

  6. Live outside the United States

    Many companies only deal with American IP addresses. If you are living in another country that the companies reject, you can hide your IP address. You can use a phony American address for these sites.

  7. Avoid leaving digital footprint

    Many people hide their IP address, so they aren’t leaving a trail of what they are doing.

  8. Bypass blacklisting sites

    Some sites are particular about who they accept. If you don’t have the right IP address, you will be rejected. Using VPNs can help you get past the blacklisting regulations.

What Options You Have to Hide Your IP Address?

Now that you understand why you need to hide your IP address, you have to learn the steps you must take to ensure your computer, and personal data is safe.

  1. Search VPN software providers

    Several companies offer VPNs. You want to avoid the ones who don’t charge a fee. They will have problems with downtime and other computer issues. Look for those providers with experience. Read reviews to ensure you have a reputable company.

    Here you can find a comprehensive list of VPN providers:

  2. Visit a hotel

    IP addresses don’t follow you. Therefore, you can use a library, hotel lobby or coffee shop and use their free wireless-fidelity, you will temporarily hide your IP address. To have a more permanent solution, choose the VPN provider that works with you and your budget.

  3. Download software

    After you install the software, find out how to use it. Watch a tutorial or read the instructions before use.

  4. Begin blocking your IP address

    Now, you are ready to hide your IP address.

Hiding your IP address will make your Internet searching more secure. You can protect your identity and decide what to buy without being inundated with advertisements. Remember to take the necessary precautions to help you become more secure.

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