GeoTrust is still a leading Certificate Authority for SSL Certificates

Security is essential online, particularly when your website deals with sensitive information like people’s personal details, credit card information, payments, and other data of a similar nature. This is the reason SSL was developed and is a fundamental element in any website that fits the above criteria.

GeoTrust is one of the oldest leading enterprises that provide SSL Certificates all the way to organization validation (OV) and even extended validation (EV). Signing up for an SSL certificate requires some thinking as you can’t just acquire it from anywhere. Remember, your organization’s credibility is on the line. So you want to acquire the certificate from an organization with a good reputation, and GeoTrust has years of experience in this regard

Most enterprises sign up for SSL certificates when they are dealing with money in any way, manner or form. However, in the modern world, with the current web technologies like HTTPS, it has become a necessity for enterprises at least to have some form of SSL certification, even if it is on a domain level (DV). In fact, web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have always been keen to indicate the credibility of a website. A domain level SSL certification at least confirms that a domain is legitimate. That is better than a domain that is just out there that anyone could be behind.

From 2005 to around 2013, the web endured the emergence of various spamming websites. Security became an issue, as one wouldn’t easily determine the legitimacy of websites. In the modern world, freelancing is everywhere and money is being exchanged all round on the internet. Credit card information and other personal details are also being thrown around online. The internet is a fun place but like any system, it has flaws that hackers take advantage of. Exchanging sensitive information like credit card information on an insecure platform – a website without SSL certification – is a dangerous thing.

SSL certification is therefore crucial. It indicates that a website is legitimate and therefore credible. Furthermore, it is a fundamental thing in SEO today. Major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo have made it part of their algorithm to give the highest ranks to websites with SSL certification and using HTTPS encryption. The good news is, GeoTrust Certificates are now available at more affordable prices than ever before, view prices from our provider here

GeoTrust offers one of the most reasonable SSL certification prices online. Its affordable prices and quality certification are part of the reasons most companies prefer its certification. I must say, however, that if you go for the organization level SSL certification, it may take longer than usual because the company is thorough. The OV SSL certification confirms that a domain is legitimate and that it is, indeed, owned by a particular company. Most firms prefer GeoTrust’s approach because then they know that when GeoTrust says that a certain company is behind a particular domain, then it is indubitably true. Furthermore, its system supports 256-bit encryption and it provides a warranty for all the SSL options it offers.

Previously owned by VeriSign and then Symantec, GeoTrust deals with SSL certificates, SSL for enterprise services, and Signing Services. This company has all your SSL certification needs covered, despite the fact that it has been around for more than a decade. From that perspective, it makes sense to conclude that it should have all SSL needs covered.

GeoTrust has jumped from owner to owner due to its quality services, as major companies realize its potential. Regardless, the quality of services it offers has stayed the same. GeoTrust is now part of DigiCert Inc. and will probably stay put for a while.

GeoTrust is a reliable provider of SSL certificates and will continue being so for as long as they are relevant. I hope you realize the significance of SSL certificates and the big role that this enterprise plays as far as they are concerned. You want your website to rank high on search engines. You want visitors to your site to believe in your products and services; your business. You want your clients to know that their private and personal information is secure through your channels and you are a business they can trust. GeoTrust is still one of those places you can go to guarantee this.

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