How to Perfectly Pitch Your Guest Blog

The popularity of digital marketing has exploded over the last few years and the benefits associated with guest blogging are well-known. Currently, most marketers perceive producing quality content as their most important link building method.

Unfortunately, with countless marketers looking for great guest blogging opportunities, the competition is increasingly becoming steeper.

That means most A-list websites will need to see your pitch before accepting your guest post. With that, generic pitches are likely to get rejected, and if you want your pitch to receive a positive response, there are a few things you need to know and implement.

The power of guest posting

Despite the recent developments with Google, guest blogging remains to be an excellent marketing tool for all businesses. Experts assert that guest blogging is one of the most important resources for branding, exposure, increased reach, and more.

Note that this marketing strategy can put your brand in front of an already existing community of website visitors who probably aren’t familiar with your products or brand.

If you haven’t been checking blogging statistics, here is something that might surprise you. Over 54.2 million new blog posts are published monthly, and they end up receiving approximately 19.6 billion views from 409 million web visitors.

Well, this is an extremely market you can invest in. And when done correctly, guest blogging presents a win-win scenario for you and the blog owner.

Requesting a guest blog post

Do you wonder why you haven’t landed an opportunity to get your post published on a popular blog? Well, you may be missing something, but everything boils down to the way reach out to these popular bloggers and how you pitch them your ideas.

First, read and understand all the instructions provided for guest posts submission. Make sure that your post adheres to these instructions. For instance, if the blogger accepts post submissions via an online form, don’t call or send them an email directly. If they only accept 1000 words posts (maximum), don’t submit a 2500 word post.

Let them understand that you pay attention and are ready to follow their guidelines. There is always a reason bloggers want their guest posts handled a particular, and you should always stick to their instructions. The guest post should also be relevant to the right audience. Bloggers are always worried about the quality of whatever is getting published on their websites. Therefore, write a post that the blogger will be proud to leave on their sites.

Guest post pitching tips

If you saw a writer publish a guest post on Huffington Post or TechCrunch, you will definitely think of them as experts, right?

You should also know that the quality of the email pitch you send matters. Here are tips to help you craft a perfect pitch for your guest post and improve the chances of acceptance.

1. Personalize your pitch

It’s wise to ensure that you know a few things about the blogger and you have established a relationship with them. Consider commenting and sharing their posts on the blogs and social media platforms. This is an effective of learning about the site and blogger as well.

2. Avoid generic pitches

It helps to make your pitch as specific as possible. Be straight and tell the blogger what exactly you will cover in the blog post. Always make sure that your pitch doesn’t leave your blogger wondering what you intend to tell their readers.

3. Outline the benefits

Bloggers accept posts that will benefit their readers. Therefore, explain to the blogger how relevant is the post rather than expecting them to establish the connection. Make sure that the benefits are specific and within your target niche market.

4. Ensure your pitch is brief

Most popular bloggers get countless pitches daily, and they don’t have all day to read lengthy pitches. Show respect for their tight schedules by sending a brief, straight to the point pitch that will take the reader a few seconds to read.

What to avoid

  • Sending the same email to all your target bloggers and ‘bcc’ everyone
  • Using buzzwords
  • Reminding the blogger several times each day is a huge turn-off

As said earlier, guest blogging as an effective marketing strategy. Sending excellent pitches is the only way of ensuring that you get good guest posting opportunities. The tips discussed in this article will help you.

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