How to Increase Organic Traffic by SEO

Getting organic traffic can be tricky and may take some time to receive it. Here are a few pointers to help you boost this kind of traffic to your preferred online location.

Effective Keywords

I don’t know about you or what you read out there but as far as I am concerned, keywords are vital as far as organic traffic is concerned. Organic traffic is based on user search terms, which means you have to be a step or two ahead of your intended audience. You have to get into their heads and anticipate what they are going to search. Keywords are what will get you there.

Take your time to learn about your intended audience and let Google help you determine the most effective keywords to go for. Also, don’t just rely on Google’s algorithm, you can also conduct your own search by asking some people in the real world that you can reach out to what they would search on search engines if they were looking for a particular item (a product, article, service, or whatever).

Furthermore, prioritize keywords that are specific to your niche, product, or service. You get the right keywords, and it is only a matter of time before your site is flooded with the right traffic.

Meta Data

The Meta title, description, and URL are essential for an optimized blog post or web page. You should know all there is to know about them and always included them where applicable. It’s something very simple but easily overlooked.


If you already have a blog, great. However, if you don’t, you should. Blogs are more engaging and informative. They enable you to let your audience learn more about you or your business and enable you to display more about your expertise, knowledge, and experience. They also give you an opportunity to interact at a personal level with your audience.

Above all, blogging is crucial for search engine optimization, as it enables you to attract more traffic to your website. For example, if your website is about selling iPhones, your blog could provide more information about the various models of iPhones available. You can tell your audience about the tips, tricks, or hacks about the smartphones. You could discuss rumors about newer iPhone models about to be released. It’s information like this that makes your site sticky. This is one of the most effective ways of generating organic traffic.

Furthermore, blogging gives you the opportunity to interact with other bloggers. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Visit other blogs in your niche or industry, read their stuff and create links to their contents on your website. Interact with their owners and establish a good relationship where possible. Chances are that they will return the favor by visiting your blog, checking out what you have to offer, and when they come across something they like, they will create links to your blog or website on their blogs and websites. And like that, Google will take note of this and will consider you when people are looking for content related to what you have on your site.

Your Audience First

Create content for your audience first, don’t do stuff for Google or whatever search engine. You should consider Google’s preferences but your audience should come first. It is not Google that’s going to read your content but the people who access it.

Create content that’s useful and valuable to your audience and let Google adapt to what you have. Provided it is useful to people, no matter how you presented it, as long as people are looking for it, Google will fetch it for them wherever it is and will in the future adapt to your methods.

Know your Limits

Last but not least, in as much as you should prioritize your audience, don’t do stuff that will cause search engines to disregard or punish your website. It is one thing to provide high quality and original content to your audience consistently, and it is another to plagiarize content. Avoid building cheap links or paying for inbound links and pointless stuff like that. No stupid shortcuts. I wouldn’t say don’t take shortcuts because if it works, why not? However, if it is cheap and expensive, it’s not worth it.

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