How to Choose a Sink to Fit Your Kitchen Design

Everyone can agree that the heart of every home lies in its kitchen. This is the place where families come together to celebrate and to seek comfort. Many of the most important events in life happen over a cup of coffee, and the current political issues are discussed at the kitchen table. This is more than just a room, it’s an icon- and a place where design truly matters.

A poorly planned kitchen can do more than just interfere with cooking. It can have an effect on the overall mood in the house. The average American spends nearly two and a half years cooking in their lifetime, and even more of their lives eating! There are so many reasons to dedicate time and energy to creating the perfect kitchen for your needs.

The first step in any design process is to decide exactly how you’ll use the space. Are you a gourmet chef or a microwave junkie? Do you need lots of storage? Will you need specialized equipment for your cooking endeavors? All of these things (and more) can come together to give you an accurate idea of exactly what you’ll need in your kitchen. Also, if your kitchen is going to be an open kitchen or a closed one.

Once you’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to talk design. An interior decorator can get you started in the right direction, but chances are- you’ve already got something in mind. Cabinet color and construction, countertop materials, flooring, color, and even built in appliances will need to be considered at length. Things need to be colour-coordinated well for the space to look spacious and lively. You’re going to be living with the result for a long time (hopefully), so don’t be afraid to take the time to do things exactly how you’d like.

Fixtures can set off an entire room. By fixtures, I mean the knobs and pulls that will accent your cabinets. It’s often a good idea to pair these with the design of the kitchen sink, which brings us to one of the most important aspects in any kitchen: The sink.

There’s a good chance that you’ll use the sink in almost everything that you do in the kitchen. This is also one of the most visible and visited areas of the room. That puts the kitchen sink at the front and center of your room’s design. A sink needs to be spacious enough to hold a load of utensils, should be easy to clean, and must have a drain hole at the one side so that it’s not hidden under a stack of plates.

Choose a gorgeous kitchen sink, and the room will follow. Thankfully, there are no shortage of options. You can try to go antiquing or check out a granite sink. Consider some of the suggestion below if you’re feeling particularly stuck:

The French Country Kitchen

french kitchen

This is an extremely classic motif that calls to the inner traditionalist in all of us. With lighter wood tones, and an artificially rough wooden countertop- the French country kitchen is a large, open space complete with hardwood flooring, and a blue tiled backsplash. With warm and neutral colors set off with splashes of naturally occurring blues, it makes perfect sense to allow your sink to be the room’s main attraction. This is where a copper apron sink can really make the difference. This beautiful design will add something different to your space, without overpowering the rustic undertones. In a kitchen that’s centered on earth tones, a copper sink is a truly natural addition.

The Minimalist / Contemporary

The Minimalist kitchen

This is a design based on the “less is more” theory. This kitchen will have a wide open concept with a very clean look. Generally, this is done in tons of white with small subtle accents that are designed to tie into the cabinetry. It will incorporate very little outward decoration, allowing the classic lines to speak for themselves. Fixtures are usually done in silver. A steel drop in sink is a good pairing with this design. It allows for the countertop to simply give way to the sink without a great deal of structural changes.

The Luxury Kitchen

The Luxury Kitchen

This is the space that we associate with million dollar homes and cozy celebrity hideaways. This kitchen will typically be the size of a small apartment (maybe a little exaggerated) and will have every modern amenity with a classic flourish. High ceilings create a more open feel to this space, while allowing teardrop chandeliers to provide the majority of the lighting. Other light sources will be dispersed throughout the space in recessed alcoves. The kitchen will orbit around a large functional island. You can expect to encounter rich wood tones in the panoramic cabinet space set off by brass fixtures. Stainless steel appliances will be strategically placed around the kitchen. The countertops will be classic granite, and the sink will be made of the same material. This is the perfect space to accommodate a large granite sink set into the kitchen’s island. This allows easy access to the sink from any surface in the kitchen. The luxury kitchen is a legendary design, and one that will always be in style.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean kitchen

This is a design that invites images of a sunlit kitchen overlooking the water. Clean colors set on a warm wooden background give hints of authentic dishes being served with every member of the family. There is a balance between tradition and the modern- with subtly placed appliances and multiple windows. Arches are a favorite in Mediterranean design. They often set up the transition from room to room, and make a charming addition to break up the monotony of the ceilings. This is the perfect setting for a large porcelain farm sink. This offers both tradition and functionality to an already beautiful space.

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