How to Decorate & Not Blow your Wallet

Home decorating magazines and TV shows always give us the thrill of designing your own space. Those articles and features make it look easy, but in reality, designing a space doesn’t happen overnight. We always think of other factors such as our budget and our time before doing the renovation.

The good news is, you don’t need to blow through a lot of money to create a beautiful look all throughout your home. You don’t need to spend so much time on it as well. All you need is a little creativity and you’ll transform your current space into an Instagram-worthy spot! Here are quick fixes and easy decorating ideas that you can do so your home can look like it’s featured in a magazine:

Bring out the Inner Book Worm

Use books to create a smart, yet artsy display at home. You can stack them on the pedestal, coffee table, or any flat surface. If you’re going to place them in bookshelves, arrange them depending on how you like. Get quirky or organise the books by size or colour. Revamp the bookcases by painting the inside walls or decoupaging it with decor paper.


Display in Groups

Gather objects by colour, shape, or purpose and display them all together for impact. In choosing for items to display, work on a theme. It’s your step-by-step guide to achieving acoherent interior design.

This one works well on a nautical or house-by-the-shore type of interiors. Fill a fishbowl or a pedestal bowl with pebbles, shells, faux starfish. Put it beside message bottles and you have a design that looks like a gift from the ocean.

Play with the bed and the sheets

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, hence you have to show it some love. Easily transform your bedroom through combining pillow cases from different sets of sheets. Change the throw pillow covers regularly to get a fresh bed. Make sure that the colours and designs you’re going to use aren’t overpowering each other. You don’t want a bed that looks like a design disaster.

Redo your Lampshade

If you’re tired of that plain old lampshade you got, it’s time to add some personality to it. Change the shades of the lamps instead of throwing or giving them away!

A perfectly proportioned lamp shade should be approximately two-thirds the height of the lamp base, one-and-a-half times bigger than the width of the lamp base, and deep enough so that a small portion of the neck is visible. The new shade must fit the base and the rest of your home’s interior.

You can also consider changing the light bulbs. Changing the colour of the light instantly changes the ambience of a room.

Lay the rugs

Use a bold rug if it goes along with your personality and lifestyle. It adds a lively spirit to your interiors. A rug with a strong image or pattern like the one above unites the floor with the bold walls. However, strong designs can be too overwhelming. If you decide to use bold rug designs, you have to keep your furniture neutral. You can adapt the pattern in the seats using accent pillows. At the end of the day, it is all about balance and comfortability in your own home.

Brighten up with a Mirror

One way to improve your interiors is through proper lighting. Maximise the natural light by hanging a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window or opposite a window. When placed adjacent, the mirror will mimic the window and make it seem like you have more windows in the wall. When placed opposite, the mirror will reflect light and views from the window.

Fresh and green

For a good first impression, greet anyone who’s coming home with leafy greens. Plants can turn an ordinary entrance into an inviting one. Tall plants add height to your foyer. Pot them in a weighted container—plastic or ceramic pot, depending on what’s available. Place them on either side of the door for some symmetry. You can also use smaller, flowering plants to create a path to your door.

A fresh flower arrangement also delivers a huge change at home. Blooms make the room feel so much more alive. It adds dimension and natural beauty to any space. you can arrange them naturally, like a set of blooms that came from the garden or place them in a beautiful vase for a freshly picked look.

Wicker is Good

Using wicker furniture indoors is a trend. It sparks interest and brings warmth to your interiors. Place it in a sunny corner where you have a glimpse of the outdoors. The sight of it will bring a sense of easy and relaxed sophistication. In the design below, the homeowner hired a draftsmanto build him a balcony extension to the bedroom. The owner placed rattan furniture inside and outside his room.

After reading this, I hope that decorating won’t be a problem even if you have no time and money. Just tap on the design that you love and you believe you can pull off in your humble abode!

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