Get Familiar about Some Interesting and Vital Facts and Uses of Sharpies

A sharpie is an excellent drawing tool. When you see art forms, graffiti or comic books you come across beautiful lines in dark solid black. Artists make these with the help of a sharpie. The ink used in it is permanent which means anything you create with it will not smudge but rather stay clear. It will help you to draw quickly and is an excellent tool if you love to doodle. There is a difference between drawing with a pencil and drawing with a sharpie because the latter is ink based so it will not erase.

Relax, if you make some mistakes and wish to erase it, you can easily do so with a white-out pen. A sharpie is a beautiful tool for caricatures, comic book inking, and cartoon drawing. If you specialise in any of these, you will enjoy using a sharpie and appreciate its bold and smooth feel. Owing to the different benefits that it offers, these days architects, web designers and others who require to communicate visually are making the most of a sharpie. A big plus of using this drawing tool is that today these are available in several colours which means you are spoilt for choice. You can pick from an array of rainbow colours and become all the more creative.

Top 3 Benefits

Take a look at the top 3 benefits of using Sharpies,

  1. Assorted Colours – Because it is oil-based, a sharpie is non-toxic and safe to use. The good news is you will not have to restrict yourself to only a single colour but have the flexibility of playing with a variety of colours while experimenting with your art and craft. Right from yellow, silver, white, gold, blue, black, green, red amid others, you can find a sharpie in almost every colour. No matter the image you wish to create or the colour surface that you work on, you will get that desired colour for making your craft unique and vibrant.
  2. Different Surfaces – A sharpie will provide a look that is similar to paint along with providing you with the precision which comes with wider or fine-point markers. You can enjoy that unique and glossy look which comes with painting yet with ease. A sharpie will work on every surface which other art supplies or markers may not appear well when it is applied. It includes marble or stone surfaces, wooden surfaces, metal surfaces or plastic surfaces. In short, a sharpie will provide you with artistic canvases of a diverse range that you can use.
  3. Durability – A sharpie is a durable drawing tool. Unlike other markers, it will neither smear nor wash off when brushed again which means it will help in sustaining your arts and crafts. Most importantly it is scratch-proof.

A sharpie can be used by all and in different settings-parents, artists, marketing, day-care, classrooms, and others. Having such precise and colourful choices to improve your work will work wonders in making your project last and also stand out.

Things that you can do with a sharpie

As we have said earlier, there are amazing things that you can do with a sharpie. There are endless numbers of things that you can do with a sharpie; here is a look at some of them –

  • Do you have a pair of sneakers at home? Do you feel the shoes are boring? Just use a sharpie and make interesting patterns to make it look cool
  • Tired of the plain phone case? Bring out your sharpie and express your moods and feelings for everyone to see. Be prepared to take orders from your friends to decorate their phone cases once they see yours.
  • Sharpie and baking paper? It might sound strange but draw pictures or patterns on the baking paper and put them on your window glass to get a fantastic stained glass effect. Your window will soon be the talk of the town.
  • A simple lampshade can instantly transform into an exclusive one. Just select the colours and pattern carefully to coordinate with your living room decor. Stripes, swirls, circles, waves – there are plenty of designs that you can choose.
  • Make a statement by customising your t-shirt. Write a slogan, draw an image, put up some patterns or just put up some numbers that are important to you. It can be anything, and you can use a sharpie for that.
  • Do you have a fish tank at home? Does your child love to doodle? Hand over the sharpie to her or him and tell them that they can make anything they want. Children love to doodle and scribble, and this is just what they want.

The things mentioned above are just a few. There is no end to what you can do with sharpies. So buy it and get going.

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