Stylish and Cost-Effective Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas is one of the most joyous holidays, but it’s also the part of the year where everybody’s under stress. There’s an endless list of things that you need to complete, and you need to start a whole month earlier in order to finish everything before the deadline. But, with just a little patience, some time and the good ol’ Christmas spirit, everything’s possible. Christmas is the time of miracles and the right time to believe in them.

For most people, the biggest concerns are probably related to material things. But, what most people don’t realize is the fact that part isn’t as important as they might think. You must focus on the things that can’t be bought and make them your primary goal. Everything else can be reimbursed, and here’s a way to do it.

Use your old worn out ornaments

Instead of buying new ornaments for your tree, you should use the ornaments you’ve been keeping for years. The old ornaments that started losing color can be turned into brand new ones – repaint them with your family since that will be a lot of fun. The whole family can make a day out of it and write on them things like “Merry Christmas” or other cheerful things like what they are grateful for in this year and so on. You may also add other decorative objects to your tree like cards you’ve received, pinecones or candles. All this can only embrace the Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Make your own decorations


When you see how your Christmas tree is glowing with ornaments you “revived”, you’ll want to have the whole house turned into your family’s master-piece. Lights in Christmassy colors are a great addition to your home decoration, and all you have to do is buy a colored light bulb. If you have spare Christmas lights that you haven’t put on your tree, try shaping them like Santa or like a snowman and put them on your wall or window. You can turn them on at night, while you’re watching a Christmas movie with your family. Give your children a fun task to draw something they want for Christmas and place those drawings anywhere in the house (this is an easy way to find out exactly what to get for your children as a Christmas present). After few simple tutorials you can find anywhere online, you’ll be able to make beautiful origami ornaments out of paper. This will look great in every corner of your home.

Home-made Christmas desserts


You don’t need to waste money and buy overly-expensive sweets – your family will enjoy them even more if you can make them at home. If you don’t have enough time to make something more complicated, you can always go with colored green, white or red pudding with some sprinkles on top. Also, you can get molds for cookies in shapes of Christmas symbols and serve them with chocolate or cream. You’ll spend far less money than buying something and plus, you’ll have fun decorating them.

Satin and plastic bows and ribbons in Christmas colors


If you want your whole house to exude Christmas spirit, get satin and plastic stripes in green, white and red, and tie a bow on every ornament that you have on your shelves. You can even make books and pillows into decorations, by tying a bow around them. Plastic stripes are durable enough to make a wreath out of them – a plastic wreath is as beautiful as the one made out of flowers, it lasts longer, and it won’t make any mess. Also, if you make a vase out of candy cones, you’ll kill two birds with one stroke because it’s going to be both a desert and an ornament.

Be safe while decorating – you’d be surprised how much accidents happen during Christmas holidays

To avoid being extra stressed by paying a visit to the hospital, you should be more careful than usual. Before starting any decoration work, check your house for faulty electrics, pipes, and walls, especially if any possible mold might be hiding in dark corners. Living in a safe environment is important in general, and it would also prevent any problems that might occur during the holiday season when you certainly don’t want to spend time fixing your house.

Once you start decorating, protect your children by moving sharp ornaments and electrical lights out of their reach. One other precaution you should take is using stabile ladders while decorating your tree, walls, and other high places. If you use ladders while placing your decorations, you’ll finish much faster, and you’ll be safe while doing it.

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