How To Deal With Patchy Beard?

okAfter spending the five weeks trying to grow beard, I came across the nightmare that I never heard would be along the journey – patchy beard. Not only did I feel betrayed but lost my ego. Could I get a fix? I wondered.

When I was a young teenager, I wanted to have beard as soon as possible. I just didn’t have the patience. With all the enthusiasm to venture into manhood, I did not know that I will endure the thin thickets of beard that scrambled for cover on my face. I just felt awful…

So in order for some of us who have experienced this condition, I have decided to share information on how to overcome this. Will begin this discussion looking at the reasons why patchy beard develops, its realities and how to fix this issue.

While every man has his own version of beard, some of the remedies will blow your mind as they are just simple procedures which put the smile back on your face. Every man wants to be happy. As such a deserving beard is a must. So why not enjoy masculinity? Patchy beard can be dealt with.

Why do I have patchy beard?

There are several reasons that surround the possibility of donning patchy beard. So in order to understand the issue, biology has some of the reasons that facilitate for the emergence of patchy beard. Below are some of the scientific reasons:

  1. The amount of testosterone or DHT in your body

Also called androgens or beard growing hormones. These are the change agents that are responsible for the transformation from a boy to a man. Accordingly, if you have quite a number of these darlings, your beard will be thicker and fuller. Just like with the rest of hair in your body, these hormones are instrumental in the eradication of patchy beard as we shall see later on.

  1. Weak blood flow to the affected areas

If you have a weak blood flow to the beard growing zone such as the chin, cheeks, jawline and upper lip, then patchy or incomplete beard growth occurs. By not having the essential ingredients necessary for the normal beard, many men often have less confidence. Thus, one needs to make sure that the rightful beard growing nutrients and hormones reach there.

  • Lack of necessary nutrients for beard growth

For beard to grow there is need for adequate amounts of Vitamins and Protein. As such if you do not have required levels in your body, less hair develops particularly beard in this case. So the unavailability of the needed nutrients heavily affects the amount of hair you have generally.

  1. Unprecedented levels of stress

In short, if you have very high levels of stress, hair loss or thinning will be the order of the day. To match this the growth of beard will equally fall victim as well. So if you constantly have squabbles or crisis, then don’t be surprised having patchy beard.

  1. Age

The old timers tend to have this problem less as compared to the younger generation. As much of the growth of beard reaches its prime or ripe age going up from the age of 25, the younger you are the more prone to patchy hair you are.

So what reality surrounds patchy beard?

Patchy beard is surrounded by certain realities and I will divulge some of them as follows:

  1. Beard does not conform to an uniform growth

Beard never grows in any uniform way. For this reason it needs constant shaving and trimming as it grows. Also that’s why even the sizes of beard follicles on one chin for instance, vary. So if you have patchiness maybe you have a slow beard growing rate.

  1. Infinite patchiness is real

Unfortunately, not all issues of patchy beard can be resolved. It is true that permanent patchy beard exists. And if you have such a problem, the most recommended solution is to sport a stubble or scruff beard.

  1. Beards take a long period to fully appear

Be patient when growing beard. It’s not necessarily a matter of a few weeks as our genes differ from one man to the other. Generally a full beard takes a long time to develop so don’t stress if you have patchy beard, maybe some patience will pay.

  1. The older you get the less the patchy beard

Since the growth of beard usually reaches its peak just after the age of 25, the patchy beard that you have now might as well disappear then. There’s something that can be done meanwhile however.

  1. It is all up to you

You are the first person who notices it, then be the first to deal with it. What you need is to accept what you have and the world follows suit. Move on and live your life other than pondering on a patchy beard that you might not have control over.

fix patchy beard

How can I fix this?

The following tips are just a few pointers on how you can overcome this issue:

  • Boosting beard growing hormones through exercising or clinical methods (consult your doctor first).
  • Brush or comb it often to close any signs or gaps of patchiness.
  • Take foods high in biotin, protein and essential multivitamins.
  • Try growing a goatee, choose from the various styles available.
  • Manage your stress.

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