Side Effects of Testosterone Injections in Men

testosterone-in-menTestosterone is a naturally occurring sex hormone produced in a man’s testicles. As men begin to age, they find that their testosterone levels decrease and they may need to use injections to increase the production in the body. Erectile dysfunction condition in men is mostly associated with low testosterone, and that is why men find themselves opting for different options available so that they can still function sexually for as long as possible.

Testosterone injections have been found to be very useful for men, especially when it comes to boosting their sex drive and fertility. However, over the years, there has been an increase and over-dependence on these injections, with most men overlooking the potential side effects associated with them.

Some of the side effects of testosterone injections in men include:

The risk of prostate cancer: Men who use testosterone injections have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer. High levels of the hormone have been linked to symptoms like enlarged prostrates and even cancer. While it doesn’t really cause cancer, doctors have found that it encourages the growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

Stroke and heart attack: According to a study published in the American Medical Association journal, men who use testosterone therapy are at a very high risk of developing stroke and heart attack.

Increases baldness: Using testosterone injection can lead to increased male baldness and eventual loss of hair on the head.

Can cause sleep apnea: One of the side effects of testosterone side effects in men is sleep apnea. This is where breathing becomes labored or stops during sleep. It is even worse if you are obese and can be fatal if not looked into.

Development of large breasts: This phenomenon is also called the ‘man boob’ syndrome. It is when the make breasts start growing bigger and become pronounced. The use of testosterone injection has been associated with it.

Skin conditions: One of the most notable skin conditions you can develop when going through this treatment is acne. It can range from mild acne to severe one depending on individuals. Some other skin infections like inflammation and development of sores can also happen with continual usage.

Infertility: In as much as testosterone injections treatment is used by men to increase fertility, using it for longer than required, or exceeding the prescribed dosage can actually cause infertility and reduced sperm count.

Gastrointestinal complications: This could range from nausea, stomach upset, or diarrhea. In some situations, it causes loss of appetite that could lead to rapid weight loss.

Affects mental health: Some people find that they become moody, depressed, anxious and withdrawn when they start using testosterone in their body. This could be because the hormone can affect the nervous system with prolonged use.

Blood clots: It interferes with clotting in the blood and can even cause anemia because it affects the production of red blood cells

Some of the other medical side effects of testosterone injections in men include constant headaches, dizziness, extreme increase or decrease in sex that could affect your relationship, insomnia and the general feeling of being unwell. You should be aware of these possible side effects before you choose to use it as your preferred treatment.

If you want to increase testosterone in your body, then you should consider using these natural methods to avoid getting the side effects:

Exercise: regular exercises, especially the ones that involve regular workouts can increase testosterone levels significantly. You can do cardio such as jogging, running, or any other high-intensity exercises. If you are overweight, then this will be extremely beneficial to you, as it will help you in losing weight. People who are overweight have a high chance of having low testosterone levels.

Boost your diet: You should eliminate foods such as dairy and sugar from your diet, as they can lower your testosterone levels. Instead, eat foods that are rich in zinc, like meat and fish. You can also take zinc supplements to increase your hormones.

Manage your stress level: When your body is experiencing stress, it produces high levels of the hormone cortisol. This hormone inhibits testosterone and may affect you in the long term. Relaxing and learning how to cope with stress is a good way of ensuring your testosterone levels are balanced.

You should always ensure that you consult with a doctor to check on any pre-existing condition before you start taking testosterone injections to reduce the side effects.

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