How to Backup Old DVDs Using WinX DVD Ripper

Gone are the days when CDs and DVDs were the mainstream storage media for images, music, and videos. Even though they are still used, CDs and DVDs have become deprecated with fewer and fewer folks using them. In addition to this aspect, modern laptops and notebooks don’t even have an optical drive at all. Particularly in such cases having the content of a CD or DVD stored on the local hard drive or pen drive comes in handy. In the following article, we will introduce a specific software that you can use to perform the conversion and will review WinX DVD Ripper.

WinX DVD Ripper is feature-rich software that can rip content from a DVD and output the digital version of it for easier use on devices that no longer have an optical drive. A wide range of data can be ripped such as images, music, videos, software programs, etc.

Used by millions of people worldwide, WinX DVD Ripper supports DVD conversion to a wide range of formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, MPG, MOV, FLV, etc. and provides a very accurate output, among the best out what we have tested so far due to its capacities of using hardware acceleration in computers with dedicated Intel or NVIDIA video cards.

Why people should backup their DVDs to ISO image/MP4?

  • Backup DVD to ISO to save DVD contents in USB, hard drive, cloud, NAS, etc.
  • Backup DVD to MP4 for playback on a laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PSP, etc.
  • Copy DVD to USB for playing on TV.
  • Convert DVD to MP4 format supported by Plex, Kodi, Roku, Emby, etc.

Main features

Backup any DVDs, including newly released DVDs, old DVDs, damaged DVDs, badly structured DVD, regional DVD, 99-title DVD, etc.

1:1 DVD copy. It supports to backup full DVD contents to ISO image and MP4 video without quality loss.

No.1 fast speed. It can backup an entire DVD in just five minutes by utilizing Level-3 hardware acceleration tech (47X faster speed) and with a 98% DVD conversion quality.

350+ profiles for iPhone, Samsung, Xbox, iPad etc. They are pre-defined settings that can be selected with just a click of a mouse.

210+ audio and video codecs: MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, etc.

Choose video codec, edit bitrate, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and more. You can manually change these parameters from the menu.

De-interlacing for better video quality.

Choose audio codec, edit audio channel number, select sample rate, etc.

How to use WinX DVD Ripper

The user interface is built intuitively so inexperienced users can take advantage of the full range of software features without any hassle.

First, you have to select the video source, which is disk, Image, or folder, depending on where your media is located. However, we suggest you use the autodetection feature so the software can detect the source itself.

Second, choose the most appropriate conversion format such as AVI, MP3, MP4, PSP, etc. You also have the option to preview the video before making the actual conversion.

Third, click RUN and let the software do the job for you. The process might take 1-5 minutes on average or longer in case you are running it on an older computer.

Do you own a DVD collection?

Many of us have collected DVDs over the years and now they sit unused on the shelves either because we no longer have the means of playing them (no optical drive) or simply because it’s much easier to watch movies or listen to music online. However, the team at WinX DVD proposes new and innovative wayshow to backup a DVD collection (get free license to activate WinX DVD Ripper).

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