QuickBooks Can’t Send Email Transactions to Outlook. What to Do?

fgwgwQuickBooks is such trendy and proven accounting software that has gained lots of positive responses and popularity among small and medium sized business organizations as well. Its pioneering design combined with the latest technology usage has resulted in a unique software tool which is totally professional and, at the same time, accessible for beginner accounting users. If you are using QuickBooks online version for emailing your clients, debtors, and customers from QuickBooks and encounter errors with your software, then customer support can do wonders. Sometimes, you may experience your QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook. One of the major problems encountered by users globally is issues with sending emails to Outlook from QuickBooks.

There can be numerous causes for email failure. Following is a step-by-step process from the Intuit support site to verify the error causes:

  • A corrupted MAPI32.dll file.
  • QuickBooks running as administrator.
  • A damaged Outlook installation
  • Due to damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation.
  • Your email preference being set wrongly.

Solutions you can try

Before opting for these solutions, first make sure that your Outlook is closed. Check if you can email out of QuickBooks. If so, then remember to open your Outlook so that you can send and receive your emails.

Solution 1:

  • Make sure that QuickBooks software is not running as administrator
  • Click on the QuickBooks accounting software icon and select Properties.
  • Choose the Compatibility Tab.
  • Deselect the option of Run this program option Administrator.
  • Click on the okay button
  • Close and start again QuickBooks.

Solution 2:

  1. Make sure that in QuickBooks your email preference is set correctly.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms.
  3. Click or tap the My Preferences tab.
  4. Click on send e-mail option that you want to utilize and then click OK.
  5. If the preference is set appropriately, try toggling it.
  • Select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms.
  • Click or tap on the My Preferences tab >select QuickBooks E-mail>and then click OK.
  • Select Edit > Preferences.
  • Select the Outlook option and click OK button.
  1. Close QuickBooks software and all other running programs.
  2. Restart your Windows.
  3. Restart or open QuickBooks.
  4. Email the transaction or report.

Note: If you use Microsoft Exchange Server with Microsoft windows Outlook then, open Outlook and log -in before checking the accounting software preference.

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