How to Bookmark Your Favorite Pages to the Start Menu in Windows 10

In Windows 10, another quick way to access a favorite web page is to pin it to the Start Menu. The tile system can store more than applications. It can also incorporate links to your favorite websites. The Edge Browser can save your favorites to the Windows Start menu.

When a bookmark has been saved to the Start menu, you can manipulate it quite easily. All you have to do is to adjust the size of the tile.

The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize you with how make your favorites more efficient by saving them to the Start Menu. You will no longer need to head to Edge to enter the URL or access the Favorites bar.

1. Open up Edge browser and type in a URL. You can also choose a page you have previously saved in Favorites. Refer to this article if you need help to access the Favorites menu in Edge.

2. Once the page has been loaded, click on “…” top-right side of the window and select “Pin to Start”.

pin to start edge

3. Manage and resize the pin


Open up the Start menu to find your pin. Here you can change the size of the tile (right click it and choose “Resize”), move it to a new position, or completely remove it (right-click it and choose “Unpin from Start”).

4. Access the bookmarked URL

To access the URL, open up the Start menu and find your bookmark. Click on it and there you are 🙂

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