Sneak Peek Into the Future of Augmented Reality

ddAR has been having a really good time all through these years. Which example can serve the statement better than the best location-based augmented reality game “Pokemon Go”. With this game, the dimension of augmented reality has grown to a whole new dimension altogether. This is not all about AR, if you are a Facebook fan, you must have praised the larger than life AR Technology for getting you exceptional feeds right there on your Facebook wall.

AR is going to have a really exciting future. It can grow in two different ways one by making people wear AR headsets most of the times and second augmented reality replacing the things you do with your smartphone. Augmented reality can also become the next interface for your laptop or it could also remain confined to some specific apps in retail, real estate, education or healthcare.

How big AR can grow?

In regards to the improvement of AR interface over a 2d screen or touchscreen, AR may come into the mainstream over the years. It can grow prominently with apps on smartphones or we could have very innovative AR interface on desktops too. Augmented reality is so much aligned with our present needs that it may in the future offer us highly personalized accessible experience to interact with the world in reality. But we need to wait for a while to see such a huge expansion, may be 10 years from now!

The Future Possibility With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality will one day be used by every single person who has used smartphone. There may be outstanding ways to get a real picture of something significant through the interface of your smartphone. With augmented reality in the mainstream, the technique is sure to offer a wide market to all the app development companies indulged in creating the next-gen game or an app to suit everyday need of a common man.

Reason why AR will have a bright future

Be it Google, Apple, Facebook or even Microsoft, everyone is pitching hard to win the augment reality battle in its favor. Here is the sneak peek of the technologies that these giants have invested in for winning the AR battle.

Facebook Integrating Augment Reality Into its Platform

Augmented reality is there on the Facebook’s platform. According to MobileAppDaily, Facebook is working on developing AR glasses in order to harness the power of augment reality much more prominently over its platform. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has even referred AR as the next-gen computing platform.


The chances are fairly bright for AR being the next-gen computing platform owing to the exceptional abilities it has as features. Zuckerberg is all set to mix the physical and digital world altogether to offer an exceptional platform viewing experience to the users of course by utilizing the immense potential of AR.

Apple’s recent AR Kit Launch

With the release of its AR kit, Apple is back again in the news to win the AR battle against other social media giants. The kit was revealed at the developer’s conference 2017 and since then Apple has been attaining all the praises for investing in such a technique. The exceptional AR kit helps developers to integrate digital experience into the physical world.

Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X has such exceptional apps that have been integrated with the elements of augment reality to make game playing experience much-more enjoying, satisfying and fulfilling for users.

Augment Reality is Set To Change The Face of Marketing

Augment reality is considered as an innovative way to utilize the marketing techniques in an entirely new way By tapping into the possibility of augmented reality for innovative marketing. This could be in the form of 3 dimensional advertising for the users that will offer a whole new ad picture ahead or around them to attain their long span time making it possible for ad making companies to convince the users for buying a product or a service.

For example, the 3-dimensional ad viewing may take users to a whole new virtual world where ads are not only displayed ahead of them but also around them. Due to higher resolution, AR Can be used for refining even the minutest details in advertising making the impact much more prominent for the users.

Augmented reality in the Mobile Games

As explained earlier Pokemon Go is one of the finest examples of augmented reality in the gaming application. This is only the beginning of augmented reality in the mobile-based app. The potential of AR is much expandable than what was used in the Pokemon Go. The app performed exceptionally-well owing to its features of finding Pokemons in the real world with the rear-camera of users’ smartphones.


In future version of such games, you may be accompanied by a virtual assistance to take you through a virtual world to find these Pokemons. There may be virtual clues in real life to make the hunt easy for you or may a Siri like voice would guide you to get there. AR is just great and it has all the potential to grow prominently.

Take Away

Augment Reality is growing every day offering new and innovative ways to developers, marketers and companies to integrate its goodness into there mechanism. All the above-mentioned examples offer refine example of what AI can do for us in the future. The technology is an exceptional one and it is all about the usages that will take it to another level.

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