Practical Tips on How to Write a Great High School Essay

regegwgrtwA high school essay is sometimes a real disaster for most students. Some practical tips & tricks, useful advice on how to write a great high school essay are here.

An Essay – Is It So Complicated?

An essay is sometimes the most complicated task for a student. Doesn’t matter if it is an essay for a contest, a class or for any other purpose, high school essay writing takes much time and effort to write it properly.

However, there are some things that can help you to handle this task in the best way. Here are the basic tips on how to get your writing assignment ready without investing too much time and effort.

The Topic Should Be Important to You

Picking a topic can be more time consuming than the writing process itself. If you have the topic assigned, it simplifies the task, but if not, you should consider the following:

  • The topic should be interesting for you;
  • You have to be able to find enough material about the topic (check in advance if you can find it);
  • The topic should be in accordance with the task. If your task is to educate, you had better choose something that you know well enough. If you have to persuade the reader, then your topic should be something which you are passionate about that makes you emotional.

An Outline Helps You to Organize Ideas

An outline is important, even though this stage is often ignored by most students. When you create an outline, you build connections between the parts that are relevant to you. You arrange them in order to make your essay easy-to-read. A good outline is very helpful in the writing process. Just follow it and you will write a successful essay.

An outline can look like a plan or a diagram, whatever is more convenient for you. The main idea is that it is helpful and clear.

Some students have difficulties creating a diagram. To do it, just write down the topic and draw several lines – branches, where you will write down your main ideas. If you get more ideas draw more lines and write down more ideas.


The Thesis Statement: Does Anybody Need It?

If you want to write a good essay at the first attempt, you had better write the thesis as well. Look at the diagram. What are your main ideas? How do they correlate with the topic? How can you make them sound engaging for your reader so that the reader will want to read the entire essay?

The Introduction: Make It Engaging

The introduction is where you introduce your topic, where you make the reader interested. Be short and precise. To hook the reader from the start, you can use:

  • Questions;
  • Quotations;
  • Anecdotes;

The Essay Body – What to Include There?

The essay body is actually the main part, where you will discuss all your ideas, give opinions, offer views and present arguments. Each line in your diagram will turn into a separate paragraph discussing a separate idea.

Each section though has its own structure as well. You start each section with an introductory sentence, where you explain what the section is about. Then you express your idea. After that, you discuss it, provide supporting data, arguments, sources.

A Good Conclusion Fortifies the Positive Effect

The conclusion is a finishing touch. A good conclusion confirms the positive impression, while a bad conclusion can spoil all the effects, even though the entire essay can be written perfectly. In the conclusion, you express the final judgements, the final ideas. No need to make it long, just two-three sentences are more than enough, but make sure they contain the essence of your essay.

Finishing Details

Now, when your essay is ready, you can exhale with relief. However, do not submit it yet. There are some details missing that may turn out important in the end.

Check the order of the paragraphs. Is it logical or is it better to change some of them? Did you include everything that you wanted to discuss? Are there any paragraphs that are well written but have nothing to do with the topic?

Recheck the instructions. Check if you have used the needed format.

Proofread your writing assignment. A spell-check function is usually of a great help. Ask somebody to check it. Read it aloud. All means are good as long as they help you to make your essay perfect.

Only after you have completed all the steps, your essay is ready and you can submit it.

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