How to Write an Essay When the Deadline Is Right Here?

Writing an essay is a truly stressful process. Can you imagine the level of anxiety when the deadline is right here already?

“Deadline” is a terrifying word. You can literally feel the full metaphorical meaning of it when it starts creeping on you like a maniac who wants to take your soul and healthy nervous system.

I don`t know what they were thinking about when they put the word “dead” into “deadline”. This is just scary! Nevertheless, we still have to live in this world, where the deadline can meet us at every corner.

You`ve signed up for this yourself when you decided that you need higher education in order to succeed in life.

Don`t you feel just squeezed in the time frame when you need to write that essay? Well, if you think about it, a deadline is good for your discipline and motivation (especially when self-discipline is a concept that has nothing to do with you). Besides, some people claim that they feel more productive under certain pressure. So, it`s time to come to a conclusion that a deadline is some sort of a bitter-sweet phenomenon in our lives. Let`s make our peace with it.

Now I need you to tell whether you find this situation at least remotely familiar or relatable. You`ve always thought of yourself as of a more or less hardworking student, but all that load of assignments can make you really frustrated. This is just way too much!

Obviously, you could have missed a note that you need to write an essay. And your deadline will loom a couple of hours. The experts atGreatPapersuggest the following tips and tricks.

Clean up Your Desk at Least

Okay, fine, this may not sound like the best idea to some of you, messy humans. Besides, why would you spend those precious minutes on cleaning when you`re running out of time? You must have heard that messy people tend to be more creative and that they have developed out-of-the-box thinking.

Forget about that! It is true for writers, designers, artists, but if you`re a student who has a couple of hours till the deadline crush happens, you need some order.

It`s not because a clean desk will help you to think better. You just need to find everything that you`re going to need while working on that essay. A pen, a notebook, a laptop charger, a textbook –they all have to be within the arm`s reach.

When you start writing, this process becomes the main focus for your attention. You dive into this task, and it`s better not to distract from it. When you write an introduction and the main body, please don`t get up to make yourself some tea. You will have a hard time going back to writing.

Of course, when you`re working on a big project and you have plenty of time, you need to take regular breaks and go out for a walk. But now we have a hard-core university situation.

Hungry Students Aren`t Allowed

If you have a tight schedule and you think that you`d better write an essay first and eat later, then you are going to make a serious mistake. Your intention may look logical because you want to save some time. But when you`re hungry, you`ll find it difficult to concentrate on work.

Get your snacks on the desk, get a cup of tea or coffee. Yes, honey, this is the right time when you can indulge yourself. You`ve got only an hour left, so you need your brain to get really productive. If it needs sugar, give it some sugar.

But remember that it`s one time only. If you keep on sticking to such lifestyle, you`ll probably have good grades, along with a heart disease, diabetes, and overweight. Don`t say we didn`t warn you.

How About Sprinting to the Library?

Every essay is supposed to have a scientific base unless you`re writing about your vacation or your impression of a movie. When you`re a student, assignments have various requirements. If high school teachers could let it slide when your main source was Wikipedia, university professors won`t tolerate this.

So, the sources need to be trustworthy. What is more, you`d rather use a couple of them to make your work more diverse. However, we know that you don`t have time to do exhaustive research, to analyze everything, and to figure out what books or scientific articles you can use as the base for your writing.

In this case, Wikipedia will save you once again, just like it always did at high school. Don`t you dare to just copy and paste some paragraphs from there. At the bottom of each Wikipedia page you can find a list of sources of references.

If the topic is popular and widely-known, you`ll have no problem finding at least a dozen of various scientific sources. A Wiki-article has links to them, so you can easily find any primary source you need.

You May Not Have a Life Plan…

But you definitely need an essay plan. We`re highly aware of the fact that it`s a very common piece of advice, but we`ve got a slightly different suggestion.

A plan will help you to keep your thoughts on track. It will give you a feeling that you`re heading somewhere and that you know exactly what you`re writing about. Besides, you won`t have time to add something to your essay or remove some paragraphs if you wrote too much. So, you need to decide on a certain number of words for each part and stick to your plan.

It will make your work more productive.

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