Useful Essay Writing Tips to Boost Your Essay Grade

You can do anything you set your mind on. And it’s not about struggling to do something difficult because you have to; it’s about doing something useful because it’s going to make you a better and more valuable individual. Writing essays is not difficult. The fact that you are reading this does not necessarily mean that writing an essay is a daunting task and you should avoid it like a plague. It just means that you have met a challenge. And your attitude about challenges should be to overcome them. All you need is the right attitude, mindset, and dedication. Now, let’s overcome this challenge together. I’m going to give you a few tips that will help you write better and more effective essays without a sweat. You can do this.

Determine The Topic

The first thing you should do is determine what you want to write about or what you should write about. Often, you’ll be given the topic for your essay by your lecturer, but there are times you’ll have to choose a topic by yourself. One of those times is when your lecturer gives you an idea to consider and then instructs you to come up with a topic for the essay based on that idea. And there are times when you’ll just decide to write an essay by yourself; in such a case, you have to decide what the topic will be. I know the latter instance seems unrealistic because you may not see yourself writing an essay outside the academic scope, but who said that you should only write essays in school? Don’t be surprised to find essays in places you never expected.

Do an Outline of Your Ideas

Once you’ve picked your topic, take your time and come up with ideas or the main points you’d like to address as far as your topic is concerned. This is the most crucial step because this part will help you generate the words you need to write your essay. Most people get stuck while writing essays because they run out of words to write after writing the title of the essay. This won’t happen to you. Do some research if you must. Google. Read a few books. Talk to friends, family, or neighbors. Refer to any source that may help you get ideas about what to write your essay.

Brainstorm. Write down as many ideas as you can. Once you are done, filter them. Determine which ideas will be the most useful and which ones won’t help much. Get rid of the worthless ideas, and retain the useful ones. Arrange the useful ideas in a manner that they flow. Use these ideas to come up with an outline of your essay. These ideas will basically be the body of your essay. It should be something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Body
    • Idea 1
    • Idea 2
    • Idea 3
  • Conclusion

That’s a basic outline of an essay. Some essays may be complex than this and will involve more sections. But the body section of an essay is where your ideas will always go. You can refer to online essay writing services for samples of more complex essays if you are interested. These services will give you more pointers on how to come up with professional essays to boost your grades, and they also offer dissertation writing help. Essays are simple, trust me. As you advance your education, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to write a dissertation. If you are not there yet, this may be a good time to just familiarize yourself with what they are like.

The Introduction and Thesis Statement

The introduction of your essay gives your audience a general idea of what is to come or what they should expect in the body of the essay. It is not always easy to write the introduction without having written the body. If you manage to write one before writing the body of the essay, that’s great. But if you find yourself struggling to write the introduction, it’s okay to skip it and dive in to write the body. Once you’ve written the body, go back and attempt to write the introduction again. This time it will be much easier because you’ll already know what you’ll be introducing.

The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction. It’s best to write the thesis statement of the essay before attempting to write the body because the thesis statement is the North of your essay. Your essay should revolve around it. It will help you stay on track. The thesis statement declares the main idea of your essay in a sentence.

The Conclusion

This is perhaps the easiest part of writing an essay because all the material you need to do this part is already available. The conclusion can be a summary of the main ideas discussed in the essay, or it can also be what you concluded regarding the topic of your essay. It is also a good idea to include the thesis statement somewhere in the conclusion; preferably at the end. But the trick here is to paraphrase it so that it doesn’t seem like you just copied and pasted the same sentence from the introduction section of the essay. Paraphrasing it breaks the monotony and makes the conclusion more original and interesting.

I promised brief pointers to help you write more effective essays, and that’s it. I know this isn’t much but observe the ideas presented in this article, and don’t be surprised when you get a better grade in your next essay. See you at the top.

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