Top Ten Best Places to Live in the United Kingdom

The UK has a rich and fascinating history that is still celebrated to this day. In addition to the museums, galleries and historical landmarks that are displayed across the country, the UK is particularly proud of its Royal Family.

Thinking about moving to study in the UK? Here are 10 best places to live and study in this wonderful country.

1. Edinburgh.


Edinburgh has been named the best place to live in the UK, based on the lowest crime rates, affordable living costs, high salaries and fast broadband.

It is the largest financial centre in the UK after London, and education system that is regarded as one of the best in the world. (Here you can find the application requirements for foreign students). The Scottish capital has a high average salary of £30,000, high disposable household income at £20,000. The city is a pedestrian-friendly mosaic of open green space intermixed with the cobbled alleyways of Old Town and the wide Georgian avenues of New Town.

An easy-to-use public transport system connects nearby suburbs, and even makes the coasts and countryside accessible for a quick weekend break.

2. Solihull.


Solihull, located nine miles outside of Birmingham, was top for lifestyle factors such as working hours and life expectancy. Solihull named second best place to live in the UK based on average salaries, disposable household income and the cost of essential goods, such as fuel, food and energy bills. It has great shopping, cultural facilities, employment opportunities and it is a very attractive place and pleasing the eye.

The crime rate is very low in the area. Mortality rates are low and life expectancy is notably high in this area, with men expected to live until 81 and women 84.

3. Hertfordshire.


Hertfordshire is a popular county for commuters who want both good access to London and the perks of life in the country. It has a combination of vibrant towns and, because much of the county is protected by the Green Belt, swathes of unspoiled countryside. It’s also just a short journey to London.

Average property prices currently stand at £490,000. Hertfordshire is well known for its countryside, and you’ll have immediate access to the rolling hills, farmland and woodland of the Green Belt.

There are plenty of walking and cycling opportunities in the area.

4. Northumberland.


Northumberland is a county in North East England. It is the most sparsely populated county in England, with only 62 people per square kilometre. The county holds an amazing mix of the traditional and the new – with incredible landscapes, historic castles and coastline, alongside more modern but fitting new developments.

Affordable house prices, low crime rate, good schools, shops and commutability make the county incredibly appealing. It has good quality schools and many jobs for everyone.

5. South Lanarkshire.


South Lanarkshire is one of 32 unitary authorities of Scotland. It borders the south-east of the City of Glasgow and contains some of Glasgow’s suburbs. It also contains many towns and villages.

South Lanarkshire is extremely good compared with national averages, with 73% of people in employment. Gross weekly income is at £500, and house prices are very low on average in South Lanarkshire. The weekly household food bill in South Lanarkshire is on average £55.

6. Berkshire.


With the most stunningly beautiful, green countryside around, if you don’t fall in love with it at first sight you probably have no soul. To live there is to love it because, while you are surrounded by wonderful scenery you’re also not stuck out in the middle of nowhere. You can have a chat with anyone you meet when you walk your dog and go to the pub but you can also keep to yourself without being interrogated.

Employment rates in Berkshire are among the highest in the UK, with 77% of the people who live here in work. Berkshire residents have the highest incomes in the list, at £600 per week. They also have a lot of disposable income per household at an average of £20,000.

7. Darlington.


Darlington is a market town in County Durham, in North East England with a population of 120,000. Darlington’s an unexpectedly pleasant town, well connected, commutable to Newcastle, with four national parks within an hour’s drive, being pumped full of investment and dead cheap.

Darlington has fairly high employment rates at 72%, weekly gross income at £480, and the cost of living is very low.

8. North Lanarkshire.

Lying just to the north east of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire is one of 32 council areas of Scotland. North Lanarkshire is the home of a diverse range of attractions, heritage and culture.

Employment is an area where North Lanarkshire really shines, with 71% of people in employment, and 54% working full time hours.

Income in this region is a £500 per week on average. Costs of living and house prices are very low.

9. York.


York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the ancient Romans. The parks in York are scattered with history – and tame squirrels.

York has encouraging employment rates at 73% of its population in work in 2015. Income and disposable income are in fairly good shape in York compared with nearby areas, however they are still on the low end for places that made the top 10.

For an urban area with good employment rates, York has surprisingly low house prices, with the average home selling for £190,000.

10. Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire & Renfrewshire.


Inverclyde is one of 32 council areas used for local government in Scotland. Together with the East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire council areas,

Inverclyde forms part of the historic county of Renfrewshire, which currently exists as a registration county and lieutenancy area – located in the west central Lowlands. It’s home to 80,000 people, one of the smaller local authorities in Scotland.

Inverclyde is an affordable option for those looking for waterfront living where property prices offer unrivaled value for money.

The council is also releasing self-build options in the much sought after village of Kilmacolm.

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