Top 10 Live Chat Benefits

The main goal of every business is to gradually grow. One of the best ways to achieve this is to increase customer satisfaction. A new approach that many companies are implementing on their websites is live chat software. This kind of system offers a variety of benefits that drive businesses forward by improving customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates, establishing better communication with customers, and a variety of other things.

The following are the top 10 benefits that live chat software is going to provide for your business.

Increased sales

In order to grow, a business requires as many customers as possible and it needs a continual increase in sales in order to achieve reasonable profits. Live chat greatly helps in this regard, as customer support agents or sales managers are in direct contact with customers. This creates a window where the company’s managers can upsell other products, help customers, and provide details about the product that the customer is interested in.

As stated in the American Marketing Association study, customers who rely on live chat software are 3 times more likely to make a purchase.

Improved customer support

At some point, every single customer is going to require professional assistance. Yes, he or she is first going to check the FAQ on your website, but in a majority of situations, not all the information is available on the website.

These are situations where live chat software is very useful, as people do not enjoy composing emails. Plus, it usually takes up to 24 hours to get a reply. Live chat software opens a window of direct communication with your business, which is going to provide a perfect solution to the customers’ problems.

Increased conversion rates

There are many businesses that succeed with attracting a high number of people to their websites. However, without having high conversion rates, the high amount of traffic does not actually matter, as no sales are taking place.

A good thing is that you can contact the customer who is on your website without waiting for them to contact you. The live chat tool should be used by both marketing agents and customer representatives, who should be assigned with different tasks.

A customer who is already on the website is interested in the product that is offered, and having a marketing expert contact the customer is going to result in a sale.

High customer loyalty

Being there for customers means a lot. Building brand loyalty is one of the best ways of achieving higher profits and growing a business. As live chat software allows for immediate response, your brand is going to stay remembered for offering the ultimate customer experience. If a business wants to establish returning customers, the best way is to go the extra mile and offer more to its customers. Live chat is the perfect way to achieve this.

Immediate solution to a problem

When a customer cannot find a solution to their problem on the business’s website, he or she has to go through additional efforts to contact support. No matter if it is a call or an email, the customer is forced on wasting time to contact the staff, which is undesirable in many cases.

Live chat is always accessible to all of your customers and the fact that your agents are in a position to reply immediately means a lot. It will significantly improve their satisfaction with your services. This builds a stronger relationship between your business and customers, which is an essential element on the road to success.

Dealing with pain points

The so called “pain points” are similar problems that a high number of customers have. Before the popularization of the internet, acquiring this type of information required from customer support agents to write down the issues they have helped customers with and presenting that in the meeting.

Through live chat, managers have access to all of the chat logs and can easily determine what repetitive problems are. This gives the company a chance to create an effective solution for their customers, improving the time needed to solve a problem.

Staying ahead of competition

The competition is tough nowadays, as new businesses are emerging every single day. This makes it important to always try and offer something that others do not have. A live chat tool is new feature that is not present on all of the competitors’ websites.

Having live chat is only a foundation for offering more, so make sure to include staff training to make sure that they are going to have the right approach with all customer types they come across.

Analyzing data

The good thing about the digital world is that all of the data is captured for later analysis. The same goes for live chat software tools which are continually recording all the important data. Having a live chat tool on your website is going to allow you to get the exact data about the number of chats that occurred, which percent of them turned into paying customers and how is every agent from the team performing.

An insight into this type of data is enough to make future tweaks for improving performance of your staff, allowing your team to achieve better results.

Wider reach

Your website is accessible to anyone from the world, but it does not mean that everyone is going to feel safe purchasing from you. Live chat gives you the option of contacting people from around the world, ensuring that you are a reliable vendor.

If you notice that a lot of traffic is coming from a different country, hiring an expert who is speaking the language fluently is a great idea for expanding your reach.


Over a certain period of time, a majority of businesses face growth. Live chat software allows adding new members to the live chat team with great ease. Additionally, there are no limitations to the number of chat agents. This makes growing the team an easy process that can be performed without any issues.

These are some of the main benefits that live chat software can offer to a business. Including live chat is necessary nowadays, as people are expecting the best customer experience possible.

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