Personalizing Your Emails: The Ultimate To-do List

All the steps you need to take to create killer custom emails.

Creating best emails can be challenging. Many people struggle with the concept of personalizing their emails, and they might not know where to start. However, it is not hard to come up with quality custom content. This article is an ultimate to-do list that will help you out. Follow all these steps, and learn how to create killer custom emails effortlessly. From brainstorming to sending out your email bulks, every step matters, and nothing should be left to chance. Your emails should be catchy, informative and effective, conveying the authentic spirit of your brand and presenting your products.

Have a concept

Before you even start writing anything, turn the computer off. Grab a notebook and a pen, and start coming up with a proper concept. Granted, you could do this on a computer as well, but it is actually helpful to turn off the screen for a while and break the flow of your work. If you disconnect, you will avoid distractions and you will find yourself in a more productive mental state. A blank piece of paper is just waiting to be filled with ideas! Make sure you put that pen to good use and come up with great ideas for your content. The best trick to come up with good ideas is to ask yourself a question first. For example, if you are promoting a sale on one of your products, ask yourself “Who” is going to want to buy it, and “Why” would they buy it. These two simple questions can help you come up with great marketing ideas. In addition to that, they can also help you gain a better understanding of your audience (more about that at the next pointer).

Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience is absolutely essential. Your email marketing content needs to speak with the right people, in a language that they can understand. We aren’t talking Spanish, English or German: we mean a language that resonates with the subcultural group you are trying to appeal to. For example, if you are selling skateboards, you probably won’t use academic language to appeal to a young, hip crowd. Conversely, if you are selling medical supplies to doctors and hospitals, you may not want to use street slang and neologisms in your email. It’s all about speaking to the right people, in the right tone.

Start with a killer title

A great title is very important. This is the first thing that people in your inbox will notice, and for this reason, it might really lead them to open your email…or discard it!

When you are about to create a headline, think of it as being a soldier on a battlefield. You only have a single bullet and you need to take that shot to save your life! Every hit is a person reading your email. Every miss is an email going straight into the bin!

Compartmentalize your emails

It’s important to format your emails the right way in order to maximize readability. Applications such as Emma can help with this task, making it easier to arrange emails and send them out to your audience.

Including the right media is a good way to add more appeal to your emails. This way, you can use an image to break the flow of text, making it more appealing. You can also include video content and other stuff to make it all more interesting.

Don’t forget the “Call to Action”

A call to action, or CTA, is yet another important stage. This is a special opportunity to address your readers directly and communicate something important. You can use a CTA to direct leaders to a product page, for example. On the other hand, you can also use the CTA as a way to ask people to follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list.

The possibilities are endless!

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