The Ultimate Guide On Getting A Good Nights Rest

Sleep is a vital aspect of your mental and physical health. Unfortunately, restful sleep can be hard to achieve for many people. There are various reasons why you can’t get a good night’s rest, but there are also various tricks and remedies to take back your bedtime and get the rest you deserve.


If you try to go to sleep with an excessive amount of unspent energy, your body won’t be willing to shut down to allow you to sleep. Exercising regularly can help with this issue. You don’t have to start out with a heavy exercise schedule. Try to work in three 30-minute exercise routines a week in the beginning. This should start depleting your excess energy to help you to fall asleep faster at night. The time at which you exercise affects the quality of your sleep, so be sure to match your exercise regimen with the type of sleep you need.

Limit Lights From Electronics

The glow of artificial light from computers, televisions, and smartphones adversely affect your brain’sabilityto shut down at night before bedtime. The bright light from the screen activates parts of your brain that keeps you alert and awake. The light can also cause your brain to produce less melatonin, a natural hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm. It’s best to turn off all electronics and refrain from looking at them a half an hour before it’s time for you to go to bed.


The most notable aspect of your life that will affect your sleep is your choice in mattress. The problem with choosing the best mattress is that every person needs different features in a mattress to sleep deeply and comfortably. There are many factors to consider when choosing a mattress. Thickness, motion transference, heat regulation, firmness, size, amount of noise, and price. If you’re a heavier person, a thick mattress with firm integrity would offer you the best support. For a lighter person, a thin mattress with soft integrity would offer your body the best support.

You also need to take into consideration the position in which you sleep. Those who sleep on their bellies or backs would do best with a firmer mattress while those who sleep on their side will find more support with a softer mattress. Foam and latex mattresses are quiet and don’t transfer motion but are expensive. Coil and spring mattresses can be noisy and transfer motion but are affordable. There are so many factors to consider that you may need professional advice. You can do some research online about the bestmattresseson the market right now and read reviews from actual customers to learn the pros and cons of your mattress choices.

Regulate Your Temperature

Your body will be unable to fall asleep if you’re too hot or too cold. Regardless of the season, you need to find ways to keep the outside of your body comfortable so that your brain can stop focusing on the unpleasant sensations of uncomfortable temperatures and fall asleep. Forcoldnights, add a heated blanket or wear thick pajamas to bed. Forhotnights, rely on an open window and a fan to keep you cool while you fall asleep.

Switch To Water

We all know that drinking caffeine close to bedtime will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Caffeine gives you a nice boost of energy and makes your brain and body more alert. What you may not realize is that alcohol is also bad for your sleep schedule.Alcoholwill interfere with your circadian rhythm. It will also cause you to have to wake up more frequently in the middle of the night to urinate. Lastly, alcohol will prevent your brain from entering the REM cycle of sleep, which is a very important aspect of a restful night’s sleep. Switch to drinking water in the hours leading up to your bedtime.

Aromatherapy For Stress

Stress is a major reason why so many people can’t get to sleep at night. Your body may be exhausted and ready to sleep, but your mind is racing with thoughts, worries, and frustrations. You can help to reduce your stress levels with aromatherapy.Lavenderis a spectacular aromatherapy scent to help reduce stress and anxiety. Wash your bedding in lavender-scented laundry soap. Purchase lavender-scented wax melts for a burner by your bed. You can even purchase eye masks that are stuffed with lavender to both help reduce light interference and to keep you swaddled in a lavender scent all night.

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