National Football League: what to expect of the upcoming preseason?

Although we are still far away from the beginning of the National Football League (NFL), many are already eager to know a little bit more about what is expected about one of the most national competitions of each year.

On many sports gambling sites, NFL predictions are already being published and speculation around the tournament outcomes is on.

If you are new to sport gambling and are planning on enjoying a great NFL season with an extra excitement, keep reading this article to get an insight into how to read NFL predictions for the preseason and what to look for at sports gambling sites, such as BetUS.

NFL 2022 Preseason

The National Football League is the most football related event in the United States. It is, of course, a professional American Football tournament in which teams from the National Football Conference and the American Football conference play against each other to reach the final game, known as the Super Bowl.

The preseason starts in August with exhibition games. Although preseason games are not-for-the-record matches, sports gamblers do wager on them. Most of the states in which it sports betting is legal (Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia), allow preseason wagering.

Wagering on NFL preseason

If you are planning to try your luck with preseason matches, one thing you must understand is that betting on preseason matches can be quite different from wagering on the actual NFL tournament.

Preseason games are not-for-the-record games which are mainly done for exhibition purposes. Thus, teams tend to behave differently on preseason than on the actual tournament.

Most of the times, winning the game or the match outcome is not the most important goal for teams and coaches during preseason. As a result, NFL predictions at BetUS, or any other sportsbook site, may not work as expected.

So, be aware of the fact that this is not the actual tournament when searching for predictions and clues about any preseason game outcome.

NFL 2022 preseason schedule

According to the 2022 preseason schedule, the first game will be on August 4, with the Jacksonville Jaguars facing the Las Vegas Raiders.

Week two starts on August 11, with the Patriots facing the Giants and the Ravens facing the Titans. August 12 first game will be the Lions against Falcons, followed by Jaguars against Browns, Eagles vs Jets, Bengals vs Cardinals and 49ers vs Packers. On August 13, the entertainment will start with Washington Commanders vs Carolina Panthers and continue with the Bears vs Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills vs Colts, the Steelers vs Seahawks, the Buccanneers vs the Dolphins, the Texans vs Saints, the Broncos vs the Cowboys and finishing with the Los Angeles Chargers vs the Los Angeles Rams.

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