The Greatest Winning Streaks of All Time

fwrfreferfewSometimes, Lady Luck graces us with something a little more than what we might normally experience in our daily routine. Every now and then, it feels like our luck is right up there with the best of them, and we’re experiencing win after win, whether it’s playing a game of chance or perhaps just a couple of great life experiences one after the other. There are also very rare moments when it feels like your luck just doesn’t seem to end, which is normal when things make a turn for the worse. At this point, if you’ve been paying attention then you probably have run off with the winnings, preferring not to push your luck any further.

However, even with the monumental amount of luck we seem to have now and again, it still absolutely pales in comparison to some of the greatest winning streaks people have ever experienced. For the average person, this kind of luck would seem almost supernatural, but somehow with the odds stacked against them, they still manage to win big – over and over again. Chances are you won’t believe the kind of luck that the people on this list of winning streaks in gambling have experienced.

Patricia Demauro and the legendary craps session

Would you happen to know the average number of successive dice rolls before someone reaches a seven at the craps table? For those that don’t, the average is pinned at roughly eight rolls. It’s certainly fair enough, and for someone who knows how to make expert bets, they would probably walk away with a fair amount even if they happened to seven out at exactly eight rolls. Patricia Demauro, a grandmother all the way from New Jersey was not an expert gambler. As a matter of fact she didn’t even know how to play the game. One of her friends was helping her out and giving her advice on what to bet. For someone like this you probably wouldn’t expect them to last very long at the craps table. Considering it takes roughly eight rolls before hitting a seven, she wouldn’t last more than a couple of minutes.

Patricia lasted more than four hours at the craps table. How many rolls did it take to last that long at the craps table? One hundred and fifty four rolls. Statistically, that matches one in more than one trillion. The odds are so astronomical that you could win the lottery and get struck by lightning at the same time. This is something that has never happened before and will likely never happen again. Patricia simply was rolling a seven no matter what she did, and the winnings were undisclosed when she finished at the craps table. When asked about what her secret was, her reply was that she didn’t know how to play the game. Lady Luck can be strangely generous, all things considered.

Julio César Chávez, the greatest Mexican boxer

There are plenty of boxers out there who have had some incredible winning streaks over the years. Floyd Mayweather is currently undefeated with a record of 49 wins and zero defeats. That’s a long and celebrated winning streak that is very difficult to top. However, if you go further back in time you’ll find a boxer who did just that and then some. Chávez is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, with a staggering 89 wins, zero losses and a single draw. How many wins did Chávez accumulate before reaching that fateful draw? 87! This means that Chávez almost doubled the streak that Mayweather has before his luck evened out with a draw.

Boxing isn’t a sport of chance. It’s something that requires hard work, talent, precision and the willpower to truly go the distance. Chávez had all of these qualities and perhaps more than a bit of luck on his side, which resulted in his incredible winning streak, probably the greatest winning streak in all of boxing.

Oklahoma Sooners, and the longest streak in football history

Those who are familiar with this beloved sport know full well just how difficult it can be to get even a few wins in a row. The competition is tight, the variables too numerous with too many things that could go wrong in a single game. There are some streaks out there that are celebrated for even reaching the double-digit mark, that’s how difficult it can be to acquire a winning streak in American football. In American College Football during the 1950s however, came the longest winning streak in football history.

From the year 1953 all the way to the year 1957, the NCAA Division 1’s Oklahoma Sooners didn’t lose a single game of football. This is practically unheard of, and the number of games that they participated in between those years? A staggering 47 consecutive games! In a sport where a streak of three wins in a row is incredibly impressive, the Oklahoma Sooners managed to get a total of 47 consecutive victories. Some might think that because it’s College Football it doesn’t hold as much water, but College Football is oftentimes far more intense than the professional leagues. For a team to be able to reach the staggering number of victories that the Oklahoma Sooners did, it’s not something you can pin on skill and will alone.

You can probably surmise at this point that Lady Luck can be quite fickle and unpredictable, and you’d be absolutely correct. Sometimes she smiles and gives her good graces to people who don’t even know how to play the game they’re currently participating in. Other times she finds herself interested in athletes with a tough training regimen, bringing them all the way to the top and never letting them taste a single defeat. Either way, these individuals and teams pushed their luck farther than they should have and succeeded far more than anyone could have imagined.

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