Legal online casinos in the United States

Internet has changed almost everything. Every activity is now different from what it was before the net was created, from studying to working and having fun.

The gambling business has also changed. It took a long time, though. When the first new online casino emerged, most players were reluctant about going online to gamble.

When the first online casino site started running, the business was not completely legal. Things were changing fast due to the possibilities introduced by the internet and a new legal frame was needed in order to secure gamblers a satisfactory and fair experience online.

Currently, online casinos are a well-established and regulated business in many states, making it safe for gamblers to enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes, just by going online on their mobile phones, tablets or notebooks.

States in which online gambling is legal

Legal information associated with online gambling in the United States is going through constant updates. The reason is that the subject is currently under discussion, with many states changing their legal frames in favor to make online sports and casino gambling completely legal within their territory.

What we can state today is that online sports betting is completely legal in eight states (Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia). Regarding online casinos, they are nowadays legal in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Michigan; while online poker is legal in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Tips for new online gamblers

Although online gambling is currently a regulated and legal business, it is recommended for beginners to do some research before depositing money on a gambling site.

Most of the online casinos are safe, but the truth is that there are still some scams. Thus, if you are new to the online gambling world, do take some time to research before starting.

Fortunately, the internet is packed with reviews through which you can easily learn which sites are safe. Just by using your online search engine, you will find reviews on almost every online casino.

Our advice is that, after narrowing down to two or three sites, you should investigate their sites. Going through the menus, reading the terms and conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions is a great way to get an idea about how each site works and what to expect of each game.

Topics such as deposit and payout methods, fees, bonuses, withdrawal conditions are what you need to know before starting your experience at a specific online casino.

Best online casinos for United States players

1. Wild Casino

With more than twenty years of experience in the business, Wild Casino is a completely reliable online site through which gamblers feel safe and completely sure about fairness.

Aside from its amazing games, Wild Casino is popular for its customer service, providing gamblers with support through they experience on the site.

2.Las Atlantis

Even though this is a new online casino, it has rapidly gained a reputation on providing a great gambling experience. Las Atlantis stands out for its thematized interface.

The interface is quite user friendly, as well as adaptative to each device used for launching Las Atlantis. Also, users can download the application in order to run it from the computer.

3. BetUS

Founded in 1994, BetUS is a well-known online casino with one of the most popular sportsbooks online and online casino games.

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