Why Online Gambling Is So Popular in Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Availability and Accessibility

Everyone will consider participating in any event that promises money in one way or another. Gambling is one of the events that promises money, and a lot of it. It’s the possibility that one could be lucky and win millions in currency that makes gambling so enticing and irresistible to many. It’s for this reason that some people just couldn’t distinguish reality from fiction, and ended up losing their life’s fortune; hence, gambling has been banned in some countries. But the same is not true for Europe; especially Northern Europe. Almost half of the global online gambling market has been covered by the Euro online gambling industry. That’s just how successful and large this industry is in Europe

Initially, gambling was a thing that only those who were close to the gambling joints and had the resources to gamble participated in. But with the progress of time, new technologies and approaches to gambling were presented. One significant technology was the internet and all that came with it. The internet presented new ways of doing things as well as new approaches to doing things. Connecting the entire world together, it made things that were accessible only to a few accessible to many. Instead of only those who were close to casinos, and alternative gambling places being the ones who can gamble easily, now almost anyone could access a gambling facility and engage in the activity. Various kinds of casinos are available to the masses and anyone who is willing to engage in the activity can do so at the comfort of their home. This means more people than before can now gain access to a virtual gambling facility and gamble as they please – or at least as much as their pockets will let them.


The internet has introduced a new platforms for gambling and new features and possibilities for gambling than existed before. For instance, physical gambling facilities may be limited by the physical tables, slots, and various games and machines available for gambling. People would have to wait until others are done using a particular gambling equipment or come to gratify their desires another night if the gambling facility is too crowded. But with the internet, gambling facilities can create thousands of virtual slots, machines, games, and alternative gambling facilities and have thousands of people engaged in all of them at a go.

Furthermore, it’s much easier to spend money online. Today there are various ways of moving money online. There are several online banking systems, and most online gambling facilities accept or work with one or more of these online banking systems. That means that money can be easily spent online. As long as one has some money in one of these online banking systems like PayPal or Skrill, or even just using their MasterCard or Visa card, one can gamble at the click of a mouse or tap a device with screen input. The internet has made it very easy for anyone who has the resources to gamble to engage in the activity.

Trust, Hope, and Faith

It may sound like a small thing but peer pressure is a thing that affects adults on a day to day basis. This is particularly true when one lives in a society where gambling is considered a natural thing that adults do, just like drinking. In Northern Europe, gambling is very legal and there are even bodies that regulate the activity; case in point, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), compliance service provider and Remote Gaming Association (RGA). These bodies encourage things like Responsible Gaming Features as well as Responsible Gambling Features; features that ensure that the online gambling facilities or websites regulate how much people invest in their gambling. For instance, there are gambling websites that limit the amount of money an individual can have in their online gambling account within a particular period. This way, people who don’t know when to stop gambling will have something that will prevent them from going too far. It’s things like this that makes people feel safe gambling; therefore, encouraging gambling in Northern Europe.


When most people in the community are betting on this and that, and some of them are winning significant amounts of money, it’s only natural that those who are witnessing will want to be more than witnesses and instead become winners also. When you are struggling financially, and then a stranger next door goes ahead and bets on something and they win, and their life is changed forever, what’s to stop you from trying your luck? Northern Europeans are betting on sports, and taking their chances with online casinos, and some of them are winning really huge amounts of money. This is what makes most people feel like they too can be lucky, and so they’ll do what they can to win if they’ll win.

Online gambling is tricky because not all online gambling websites can be trusted. The regulation bodies mentioned earlier enable people to trust the online websites that function under their regulation. These bodies are prevalent in Europe and that’s one of the main reasons most people in Europe will engage in online gambling. As long as they see that a site is functioning under the regulation of one or more of these regulatory bodies, they will feel comfortable doing their business.

People will also gamble hoping to win and have their lives transformed. The thing is that one can never tell whether they’ll win or not. It’s all a game of chance. And people can be very hopeful and faithful because they’ll never know when they’ll win. You may never win. But then again, what if the next bet is the winning one? You will never know. And this mentality dominates people and they find themselves stuck in a loop. Some of them win. Some of them never win. Either way, provided one hasn’t yet hit jackpot, they will keep betting until, you never know.

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