Lay Claim to Your Digital Homestead

The world is run by giant social media platforms. Blogging is dead, and you will make your name by producing 20 second Tik Tok videos. Having your own website makes about as much sense as owning a saddle when everyone is driving (electric) cars. It’s 2020! The future is here!

You’ve probably heard or thought something like this recently, but is that really the reality? Is website hosting a relic of the past? Can we live our digital lives untethered from a dedicated home base?

Not really.

Social Media’s Decline

In 2019, for the first time in history, Facebook saw a decrease in the number of users along with decreases in the amount of time those remaining users spent on the service. This corresponded to a general trend in all social media which saw people beginning to (slowly) turn away from major platforms.

Overall, the use of the internet continues to rise, but more and more people are moving towards smaller communities and individual websites to get their news, interact with friends, and share information.

As social media platforms seek to increase revenue from ads and data collection, many people are realizing the shortcomings of being dependent on Facebook or LinkedIn— the keeper of their digital personality. You don’t have any control.

Owning Your Digital Homestead

What is a digital homestead? It’s a base of operations for your online life. A central point that you control where you can direct anyone looking to get in touch or learn more. A secure online platform. All businesses need one. And a lot of individuals will find it to be a useful tool, as well.

The greatest feature of the internet is that anyone can create a digital homestead for a very reasonable cost. Less than you would spend on a Netflix subscription or that daily Americano habit you’ve developed. Once you carve out your little corner of the online world, you have control over what happens there. No matter how the social media landscape changes.

The tools to create a functional and attractive website have never been more accessible. WordPress currently powers one out of three websites on the internet, and it’s easy for beginners to get up and running.

Hosting Your Own Site Still Matters

Website hosting has become a low-cost, easy to set up commodity that virtually anyone can afford. As the world of social media and apps continues to oscillate out of control, it is increasingly important for businesses AND individuals to create an online presence that is completely under their own control. A WordPress site is the perfect starting point. By setting up reliable WordPress hosting, you will be able to get set up quickly and, as your needs change, the site can change and grow with you.

Don’t be left at the mercy of platform giants or companies that only want to use you and your data for profit. Lay claim to your digital homestead today and start taking back control of your online presence.

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