What is WordPress Hosting and Types of WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress?

Among so many blogging platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is written in PHP. It is an open source so anyone can use it to create their websites. This is the easiest and most powerful platform for Blogging and Content management system. It is being used by more than 60 million websites around the globe.

What are the types of WordPress platforms?

There are two types of WordPress platform:

· WordPress.com

· WordPress.org

What is the difference between WordPress platforms?

At first, your website will be hosted on wordpress.com and you will be assigned a subdomain website (e.g.yourname.wordpress.com). Hosting at wordpress.com doesn’t cost you anything.However, you won’t have full access to certain features as you won’t be able to use plugins. In addition, WordPress.com is” Ad-Supported”. That means ads will be displayed randomly on your WordPress website.

For wordpress.org, one needs to find their own WordPress hosting firm and install the program themselves. You will need to register your domain name yourself. It’s a program so you will be able to modify HTML codes, CSS etc. In wordpress.org you will have full control over your website’s content and you will be able to modify it depending upon your blogging needs.

Both wordpress.org and wordpress.com have their advantages and disadvantages. But wordpress.com doesn’t offer full features so it’s better to go with wordpress.org. However, the cost of web hosting and domain registration will be around $200 a year. However, you can sell your Ad space and earn money to support web hosting.

Types of WordPress hosting?

There are two types of Web hosting available for WordPress.org: Shared hosting and managed hosting

When you search for web hosting services you will come across two terms: Shared hosting and Managed hosting. You can opt for any of these two but make sure you use a plan which Ideally and effectively suits your business model and suits your needs of serving a fast and secure website for your visitors. The aim of this article is to tell you and compare whether you should choose shared WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

What is shared hosting?


Shared hosting is by nature, the cheapest way of hosting your website. It serves the most common needs of a huge number of websites at a very low price. whether they use WordPress or not. You can get shared hosting for your website for as lower as four USD a month.

Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting:

Shared hosting is cheaper and efficient for smaller businesses. A shared server can run WordPress and other systems as well.

The resources in shared hosting service will be divided between websites by the shared server. This means if your website experiences a large network traffic then your website may work slowly or load slowly.

Shared hosting isn’t as reliable and custom tweaked for WordPress environment.

In shared hosting server houses hundreds of website accounts and has a fixed amount of memory. If one website exploits or uses mode than its fair share of resources or memory, all the other sites hosted on the same server will experience issues. This means that one troubled website can cause hundreds of other websites to load slowly or to not load at all.

In shared hosting Bandwidth, processing power and storage everything gets divided between websites. Shared hosting doesn’t provide a support team in cases of the host becoming powerless to resolve the issues. So, on the contrary, websites hosted on shared hosting environment are not dependable or efficient.


What is managed hosting?

Managed hosting, on the other hand, serves to a very high market of websites. It offers highly tuned and WordPress optimized servers and so many advanced servers.

Managed hosting, however, is costlier than shared hosting and can cost you a fortune.

Advantages of managed hosting:

Managed hosting can be suitable for big business models and needs.

Managed WordPress hosting is incredibly fast.

Every aspect of its servers is tweaked to serve WordPress. So, page loading speed will be the fastest. Managed WordPress hosting offers latest security protocols and more attention. Plus, if your website gets hacked you will have a support team to take care of WordPress specific attacks.

Your server will always be updated and will be running latest software so your website will perform efficiently.

Your site’s uptime will be increased because you will be sharing resources with fewer websites. Managed hosting provides you with daily automated backups. Managed hosting services offers you with one click restore so you can get your website online within minutes.

Managed hosting services provide your websites with a professional team so your website will be managed by a skilled team of professionals and there will be automatic updates of the operating system on the server and WordPress itself.

This means you will always be running most secure, stable and latest versions of just about everything.

Disadvantages of managed hosting:

Managed hosting comes with a higher price tag than shared hosting services. Entry-level managed hosting services start at 30USD$ for a month

Some managed hosting services restrict several usable WordPress plugins for security reasons or for other reasons.

One can only use WordPress on WordPress hosts; if you wish to run any other system such as Joomla, Drupal etc. you won’t be able to run them on WordPress hosts.


There is no “right” choice for hosting for every kind of business so if you are looking for cheaper hosting for your small website or blog and do not wish to spend much. you can go for shared hosting else opt for managed hosting if your business or blog is big and you can spend money over the domain and hosting, then managed hosting is the right choice for you.

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