Perform better on Google Ads with Clever Ads Tools

Many businesses rely on Google Ads to sell products and services. With Facebook, Google is the biggest online ad network globally, comprising search, display, and video ads. It is also one of the most sophisticated, and if configured correctly, its artificial intelligence (AI) will put your ads in front of the people who are most likely to buy. In this post, we are going to look at what are the Google Ads types of paid ads and the advantages of using adword tools to audit and optimize the campaigns in order to convert better.

What are the Google Search Ads?

Google search ads are the ads you see when searching for a product or service in Google’s search engine. To enable Google to show your ad for specific searches, Google uses keywords to determine if your ad is a good fit for a search.

This is done via keywords. I.e. the text a user will type into a search engine. This makes getting your keywords correct essential for ad success. Google enables several features that a previous Google Ads audit will helps to see, such as the necesity to add negative keywords.

For example, you sell black training shoes or sneakers, and you don’t want to show for stilettos. Google facilitates not showing your business for the keyword stilettos, keeping searches more relevant to your business.

As such, being able to identify keywords is essential to ad success.

What are the Google Display Ads?

Google display ads work slightly differently from search ads. Instead of targeting potential customers and clients by the keywords they search for, display ads are shown on sites your potential customer and clients are looking at.

Display Ads tend to be image-based rather than text-based. To stand out from other ads and indeed on the website, you need a good, well-designed banner to catch the eye.

Free solutions to perform better on Google Ads

No one secret is going to make Google Ads a profit machine for your business. It is multifaceted, and everything has to be optimised to fire on all cylinders to get results. In this post, we are going to look at the merits of some free Google Advertising Solutionsoffered by CleverAds to help you create good Google Ads campaigns for marketing success.

Google Ads Audit

Getting a different view can be the difference between a profitable marketing campaign and a expensive error. A good Google Ads audit tool from a trusted Google partner such as CleverAds or Kantar will be able to analyse your campaign and make recommendations based on Google’s knowledge base. This will help you tweak your campaigns to ensure they are firing on all cylinders and are sitting in front of the right audience.

The great thing about performing a google audit is that you are often given ideas that you either did not know exist or would not have ordinarily thought about. Perhaps not all of them are relevant, but the ones that are, tend to be gems.

The gems tend to increase visibility at less cost.

Campaign Creator

Lastly, a good audit tool will allow you to design and implement your ad campaign. Given the other benefits listed, the value here simply cannot be overstated. Imagine your team providing input into a Google ad campaign and a marketing manager taking the data and turning it into viable and successful ads.

Ads Translations

It could be that you’re selling internationally, and why wouldn’t you if there is a vibrant market for what you sell. the free translator tool like the one offered by CleverAds will help you translate your ads into other languages just by pushing a button. So if you need to sell in Portuguese, German, French, no problem, translations are covered.

Mobile Friendly Reporting

After launching an ad campaign, it can be an anxious time. Is it taking off and generating clicks and conversions, or is part of it missing? Some online advertising app will give you this information in a mobile-friendly format so you can track your ad campaign 24/7 directly from your phone.

Apps Integration (MS Team, Slack)

Today’s world often sees agencies and business working closely together even when they are on opposite sides of the world. Despite the distance, collaboration is often smooth thanks to apps integrations as for example MS Teams integration or Slack Integration.

This allows each team member to work on his or her part of the project, with clear milestones and goals to acheive. It also enables team members to view progress and facilitates clear communication about the actives Google campaigns.

With good team integration, your copyrighters can talk to your banner designers, and your Google Ads campaign managers can design the campaign to put the creative work where people who want to buy will see it. Integration of this kind is important.

Slack takes communication to the nth degree. It is a messaging platform that is used by teams, especially if they work remotely. Again, an integration with Google Ads is needed to keep lines of communication open to make the crucial decisions when needed.

To sum up, when choosing adwords tools to optimize your campaigns, ensure that the company is a Google Premier Partner. This shows that Google has faith in them, and they can be trusted with your business.

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