Reasons You May Want to Know the Area of a Circle

I am one of those people who prefers to know why he is learning the things he is learning. Just going to class and learning math is pointless unless the person teaching the lesson explains why the lesson is important. Learning for the sake of learning is vanity. Why would you want to learn the area of a circle? Is it applicable in real life situations? Are its applications in your field of interest? Let us find out.

In my opinion, there is math that everyone has to know, and it is addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. These are basic math calculations that almost anyone is likely to deal with at one point or another and that is why I think it is important that everyone should know how to do such fundamental math calculations. However, learning something like calculating the area of a circle is something that not everyone may find applicable. Nonetheless, there are instances where having the capacity to calculate the area of a circle will prove beneficial.

For instance, if your field of industry will involve doing many calculations involving geometrical shapes in any way, manner or form, knowing to calculate the area of a circle will be important. Engineers, Architects, Programmers, Video Game Developers, and Industrial Designers are some of the people who will value the area of circles. Furthermore, DIY enthusiasts will also benefit from knowing the area of various circular objects. Math students, particularly those who want to major in mathematics or anything that deals with many calculations, will also find this knowledge beneficial.

The area of a circle is used to determine the amount of space a circle occupies. For instance, if you to take a circular object and place in on a table, the area of the circle will tell you exactly how much space that object is consuming on the table. The formula is πr2 but it is not something you need to cram, albeit it is a simple formula. You can use an area of circle calculator to make things easier for you if you do not want to get your hands dirty.

There are some practical and useful scenarios where you may want to know the area of a circle. For instance, in a DIY project involving circular objects, it may prove useful to know the area of the circular objects to determine how much material to use. If you are dealing with cone-shaped objects, knowing the area of a circle is useful because to determine the surface area and volume of the cone, you first need to know the area of the circular bit of the cone. Furthermore, the area of a circle is important for finding the surface area and volume of a cylinder. You are more likely to deal with cylinders when doing projects of various kinds and the ability to determine the area of a circle can help you to make precise calculations about the outcome of things.

Whether it is the area of a circle, its circumference, the volume of a cylinder, corn, or cube, or the surface area of whatever, various online calculators are available that will enable you to figure out these things with a few clicks and number entries. But remember, even online calculators cannot measure the diameter, radius, or heights of objects. They do the heavy lifting for you but you should be able to lift the lightweights. It pays to know how to interpret formulas and know what the symbols mean. That way, all you have to do is take the necessary measurements from your end and provide the accurate values for the online calculators and you will have the precise answers you need to complete your projects or assignments.

Knowing how to calculate the area of a circle is not something that everyone will find useful or applicable but it is much more important than many realize. Its usefulness depends on your field of industry. If you fall under any of the categories of the people that I mentioned might find this knowledge useful, then the formula of calculating the area of a circle should be at your fingertips.

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