10 Valuable Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom can prove to be a challenging job, especially if you are doing remodelling for the first time. There is so much you need to consider to carry out the renovation well. Bathroom renovation needs a homeowner to take several big decisions as well as take into account the minute details.

Some advice on what to consider and how to proceed can help to make your bathroom renovation project a success. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the remodeling project.

1. Know the cost of a bathroom renovation

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Prior to starting the project, determine the amount of money you need to invest to fulfill your expectations, and the money you can afford to invest at the most. Factors like whether the complete work would be done by professionals, or you would do some labor, material quality, and bathroom size, can influence the price of a renovation.

2. The first thing one sees on opening the door should not be the toilet


If you ask a bathroom designer for one of the best tips, this is likely to be what you would hear. The reason is quite straightforward – bathroom doors are often left open, which means that any guest or you walking by would see the toilet, which is certainly not aesthetically appealing. If you expect to get a spa-like ambience, avoid placing the toilet at the center and front of your bathroom design.

The focal point of your bathroom can be anything except the toilet. A freestanding bathtub, luxury shower system ora shower panel can work great as a focal pointof any bathroom. An excellent tactic is to hide the toilet behind some cabinet wall.

3. Leave the vintage finishes

vintage finishes

You may wish to get a new, fresh look in your bathroom with a remodel. However, some things are not that easy to replace. For instance, wall tiles may contain wire lath and several concrete coats in older homes. Removing them may be difficult and may shoot up your costs. Rather than removing, consider keeping those vintage tiles, and invest your money and time somewhere else. Moreover, vintage finishes like tiles can make a cool feature.

4. Determine a lighting scheme

lighting scheme

Make your bath a well-lit area by incorporating layers of decorative, ambient, accent and task lighting.

5. Understand the standard dimensions of a bathroom

dimensions of a bathroom

You can plan the renovation more efficiently if you get an understanding of a few important measurements, such as the space required for a toilet and a typical bathtub’s size.

6. Determine the proper height for sink

proper height for sink

Countertops are usually 32 – 34 inches above the floor. However, you should consider how the sink would take away from or add to the height of the countertop. In case it’s above-counter vessel sink, the counter height should be lower so that one can brush teeth or wash hands comfortably.

7. Choose the right vanity

the right vanity

Vanities are not only for looks. If a vanity is too large, it can mess up with the traffic routes of your bathroom, whereas if it’s too small, you would need more storage and countertop space. If you choose the wrong material, maintenance issues may arise.

8. Decorate your bathroom

Decorate your bathroom

A well-decorated bath has a pleasant look and feel. There are various ways you can decorate the space, as by placing vases of fresh flowers, or small, attractive toys and other showpieces over countertops and other places. If you like making die cut projects, you can cut flowers and other designs out of fabric or paper and stick them or hang them on the walls of the bathroom. For this, you need to be proficient at working with a die cutting equipment.

9. Double check the size of tiles


Keep in mind that a tile of 12 inches by 24 inches may not exactly have the measurements that it says. The reason is that most of the tiles are sold in the European sizes (millimeters). The size quoted may also take into account a grout joint, making the size of tile 11 3/8. This may affect your plumbing, niches and tile layout.

10. Include multiple ways to dry the bathroom

dry the bathroom

Moisture needs to be removed to reduce mildew and mold. To do the job, consider taking a multifaceted approach – like an operable window and a fan venting to the outside (but not to the attic).

So, implement these bathroom remodelling tips in your project and get a great bathroom. A bathroom renovation project would need you to invest your money, effort and time, so make sure you proceed right.

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  1. Nice tips which will help you in the renovation of your bathroom.Dim lights should always be used in the bathroom as they make the atmosphere good of the bathroom. You can paint tiles instead of changing them if your budget is low for the renovation. You should always contact renovation companies as they will complete the renovation of our bathroom better then us. But anyway great ideas from you

  2. I’d like to remodel my bathroom someday soon. I appreciate all your tips for how to plan your bathroom remodel to make sure it will be something that you love. I especially like your video where you go over the costs for remodeling. It can be important to remember that you need to consider the plumbing services that might be needed for your remodel as well. Thanks for the post.

  3. I think vintage brings a lot of class to your bathroom, or any part of the house really. I thought it was a good tip to check the tile sizes. I would just assume they’re all the same sizes they are supposed to be.

  4. Gregory Willard says:

    We just started planning for our bathroom remodel, and it has taken us some time. I agree that you should always know your budget before starting. I don’t think people realize how expensive a remodel can be until they start. Thanks.

  5. Brooke McAvoy says:

    I appreciate your tip about not letting the toilet or shower be the first thing you see. I never realized it, but this was my problem with the original design of my bathroom. For some reason, it just doesn’t look right, along with the drawbacks that you mentioned. When I plan my design out, I will be sure to remedy this, thank you for all of the helpful information!

  6. Skylar Williams says:

    My friend who just remodeled his bathroom learned everything from youtube. It was amazing, he did the tiles, bath, and sink all through that. I’m glad you gave some tips about using vintage tiles. I wouldn’t know how to put them in of course. I’m going to have to end up hiring someone to do it.

  7. Determining your needs in a bathroom space is so important for your renovation. Before you get started, you should write down all of the requirements for your bathroom, then discuss your wants. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  8. Jonathan Mikson says:

    I really liked reading this post, but i would say it’s missing the most important thing in any bathroom: The shower head. They are extremely important for having a good experience on your bathroom, plus if you have some extra money you can invest in a very good looking one that can match your bathroom design.

    Just my 2 cents, still this is a great article!

  9. It definitely makes sense that knowing the space required for a toilet and bathtub would make remodeling the bathroom much easier. Working with a company who specializes in this type of remodel project would probably be a good way to ensure you plan this accurately (especially if it’s something you haven’t done before). My uncle has been thinking of redoing his bathroom and would probably benefit from this article. I will direct him to check it out.

  10. I really like the tip “decorate your bathroom.” My husband and I recently finished our bathroom remodeling project and we are really happy with our it turned out! Now, we are just looking for the right rugs, bath towels, and other decorations to make it complete. I am really excited to see the final project! I’ll have to keep this information in mind, thanks for sharing!

  11. It has been a dream of mine to be able to remodel our master bedroom, and was thinking about how we could do it. I really like that you say to consider how high you want the sink to be. It would be nice to have a custom countertop that can reach however high we need.

  12. Alterations Dunedin​ says:

    Most homes have at least two bathrooms so the biggest inconvenience will be traffic—but if you have an older or smaller home or apartment you may have to consider asking a neighbor if you can borrow their bathroom for a few days.

  13. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    These are really smart tips for a great bathroom makeover. Making the focal point the shower or the vanity is a good idea. I agree the toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you notice. I would much rather focus on a beautiful mirror or shower.

  14. I really like your tip about leaving the vintage finishes! That is something that we have been thinking doing for a while now! We are working on planning out our remodeling project so we will have to keep these tips in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I can see why it would be important to make sure you have the appropriate amount of lighting in the bathroom you are wanting to remodel. It seems like a good way of knowing how much light you will need is to use portable lights and place them in different areas of the room. My mom is wanting to remodel her bathroom next summer. I’ll have to refer her to this article so that she has some knowledge before starting it.

  16. That’s a good tip to double check tile sizes. European sizes might use different measurements. You wouldn’t want your perfect tiles that match your shower to not fit.

  17. Aria Wellington says:

    I never thought about the height of the sink being something to heavily consider. I guess that’s why we have contractors when it comes to remodeling projects! We have been wanting to redo our master bathroom for a while and just completely gut it. My husband and I are pretty tall so do you think it would be smart to have a slightly higher sink? Thank you for all this info! Any further advice is appreciated!

  18. Great remodeling tips. Love your post!

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