Top 3 Best Gaming Headsets of 2018

Headphones are one of the most important accessories while gaming, It can enhance your performance by a substantial amount. Skills are an important part of any gamer’s kit but hardware is just as important.

Suppose a situation in which your opponent has a good surround sound headset and can sense every move you make while you have no idea about him, He is clearly on the advantage and very likely will come on top in the duo. Good gaming accessories can be expensive but this doesn’t mean there are not affordable options. Today we will be counting down the best gaming headsets that you can get in 2018.

Razer ManO’War 7.1

Razer is popularly known amongst gamers as one of the expensive brands but also as highest quality aesthetics build. The Razer ManO’War is a 7.1 virtual surround sound headphones which carry a pretty heavy price. It is one of the best sets of wireless you a find for FPS gaming. Compatible with both PC and PS4 features amazingly high-quality sound.

The headset is very cozy and wouldn’t bug when you are grinding long gaming sessions. They are equipped with several led lights which can be customized by using Razer application, Which is available for both PC and MAC. Currently, They only come in non-RGB led version but a recent press release reveals there might be an RGB variation coming soon.

Talking about the design, It is a stylish headset which comes with massive and very comfortable ear cups with glowing LED lights on the side. These ear cups are very substantially large in size and might not fit if you have small ears. It also features a retractable microphone which features an exclusive razer design that enables easy adjustability.

Corsair Void Pro

The CORSAIR VOID PRO is commonly used by eSports professionals and Twitch streamers. Corsair is also one of the known brands amongst PC euthanasiast. It features an RGB customizable logo on the Ear cups which can be configured using the Corsair’s Software, It is currently unavailable for MAC but third-party software can be used to configure it if you can play on MAC.

Most of its body is made of high quality and durable plastic. This makes it very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It features a non-removable microphone which is a downside considering most other headphones in the similar price range feature an easily removable or retractable microphone. A line of padding runs all the way between earcups, Giving you a very comfortable to wear the headset.

Ryan Stewart from emphasizes “VOID PRO feature great aesthetics and customizability but they are quite pricey compared to other headphones that feature similar specifications.

These have been my goto headphones for a while now but I still recommend ASTRO A50 (Not an affordable choice but surely the best in terms of surround sound and audio quality which can give you a clear advantage in FPS games)”

This headset comes in both wired and wireless versions, The wireless being a little more expensive. Both variations feature a similar audio quality and hardware specifications. It has been certified by Discord as one of the most used PC Gamers headsets which are well worth the price. It is great for gaming especially if you are on a budget, The RGB lighting combined with comfortable and highly adjustable ear cups, It’s one of the best headsets you can find in the market.

ASTRO Gaming A50

Astro A50 comes with 2 components, The headset, and a base station. The base station is connected to your PC giving you full control of the headphone settings, It can also be connected to PlayStation, Xbox, and other consoles. The base station act as a wireless transmitter to connect with the wireless Astro A50, Most other headphones have this inbuilt and it might seem like a downside of A50 but it’s actually quite opposite. The base station enhances audio quality and prevents loosening in sound quality.

The headset features a stretchable headband, This means it will fit greatly irrespective of the wideness of your head. Many headphones lack behind in this criteria but ASTRO has addressed it very well. The A50 also features a 15-hour battery life which is way more than any other headphone discussed in this list, Since they can also be paired with smartphones and handheld consoles, They are a great choice if you travel frequently. Thought the headphones feature a long battery life, It is highly recommended to shut them off when not in use, This can be done using the power button below the right earcup.

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