Top Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Of the many miraculous things nature has endowed us with, one is the therapeutic plant of cannabis. Owing to this, the marijuana advocates have grown in numbers over the years. Considering its top-notch medical benefits, numerous states in the US have legalized its use, and the numbers are expected to grow in future as well.

Excess of everything is bad. And this is true for cannabis as well. When used as a cure, cannabis can infer amazing benefits in the human body. However, it’s over the limit use (especially for recreational purposes) can distort your memory and emotions. A better practice involves seeking the counsel of a medical professional before consuming it, regardless of the reasons you’re using it.

To further your knowledge about the medical potency of the plant, we have compiled a list of the benefits associated with it;

2 Reduces Weight

Of the many recorded benefits of cannabis, one is that it helps you reduce weight. A generalized concept is that marijuana users are more slim, healthy, and active compared to the ones who don’t smoke it. Further research supports this argument by declaring that cannabis helps your body in managing its insulin levels. Moreover, it also improves your metabolism. As a result, you reduce weight while staying healthy.

Relieves Depression

Depression is arguably the biggest problem faced by citizens of the US, along with obesity. Cannabis has been found to fight depression. Regular use of marijuana helps you relieve anxiety and associated depression. It is, however, very important to use it only after when allowed by a medical professional.

Fights Cancer

There are several pieces of evidence which support the hypothesis of cancer-fighting benefits of cannabis. One of the earliest works was carried out by CPMC in San Francisco, in the year 2007. The study revealed that cannabis keeps cancer from spreading in your body. Even the federal government of the US agrees to this fact and owing to this, its medical use is legalized in many states.

Improves Lung Performance

People think of marijuana to be detrimental to health only because it is associated with smoking. But the fact is that it doesn’t have any deteriorating effects on your health, like normal cigarettes do. In fact, America Medical Association claims that marijuana improves the capacity of the lungs. Lung cancer, Emphysema, and other issues have been healed with the help of cannabis.

Treats Glaucoma

Glaucoma, in its intense stages, puts extreme pressure on the eyeball, damages the optic nerve, and ultimately leads to loss of vision. Cannabis has been found to relieve the pressure on eyeballs and preserve the optic nerve, the backbone of your vision. Though this relief is only temporary but studies are in progress to further improve the effectiveness marijuana on your eyes.

3Improves Productivity

Cannabis has been largely associated with improvements in your productivity. There could be several reasons after that;

  • Enjoying from its other medical benefits

  • Relieving anxiety and depression

  • Marijuana makes you happy and gives you a good mood

Apart from these, there are multiple other reasons as well which could lead to improvements in productivity. Cannabis helps you to improve both mental as well as physical work rate.

Physical Productivity

Marijuana improves your physical productivity up to a greater extent. This is why it is used by athletes all over the world. Calculated consumption of marijuana relieves chronic pains, relaxes sore muscles, and helps you reduce the stress associated with the game. Many athletes have grown verbal with the unbanning marijuana. The result is that sports authorities, especially the ones at NFL, are considering to unban the medical use of the plant.

Mental Productivity

Similar to boosting your physical prowess, marijuana boosts your mental productivity too. When used in controlled quantity, it helps you think on a high note. As a result, tens of new ideas spur into your mind. Moreover, verbal fluency and the ability to come up with a range of ideas, over a single concept, has been found to improve with the use of cannabis.


Slows down Alzheimer’s Progression

Lastly, cannabis helps reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s. The disease is unique to older people and is caused due to the formation of Amyloid Plaques by the enzymes in your brain. Marijuana blocks the enzymes which lead to the process and reduce the progression speed of Alzheimer’s disease.

These are some of the many benefits associated with the controlled use of cannabis. You should always consult a medical professional before engaging yourself in its consumption.

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