Benefits Of Sunlight – Ways Sun Can Heal A Person

fwfrwfqrSunlight therapy has been used, since ancient days. It produces remarkable benefits on the overall health of a person. This therapy is also popularly called as heliotherapy. Moderate amount of exposure to the sun can heal several types of body ailments naturally. There are several safe, natural and easy method to avoid sunburn in the body. Learning about them would get you the best benefits of sunlight.

Benefits of sun exposure

Reduces breast cancer

Sunlight helps in reducing the chances of breast cancer in a woman. Sunbath along with recommended nutrition helps in curing completely reversing the signs of metastasized cancer.

Protects skin against damage

Phototherapy is a major option that helps in the cure of several psoriatic and non-psoriatic conditions that includes atopic dermatitis, sclerosing skin conditions like morphea, vitiligo, scleroderma, and mycosis fungoides.

Destroys bad bacteria

UV rays of the sunlight have the powerful ability to destroy bad bacteria in the body. Regular consumption of sunlight in right amounts helps in disinfection and healing of wounds in the person.

Cures skin disorders

Sunlight has an important effect on different types of skin disorders. These are acne, fungal infections, and eczema of the skin.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Sunlight lowers the level of bad cholesterol or low-density cholesterol in the body. The sunlight helps in converting high cholesterol levels in the blood to form steroid and sex hormones in the body. When one does not get adequate amounts of sunlight, then these substances get converted to cholesterol.

Lessen blood pressure

Sun rays have the ability to decrease blood pressure in the person. A single exposure of it can significantly lower blood pressure in people who have high blood pressure.

Cleanse blood vessels and blood

Sunlight gets absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. It helps in cleansing the blood as well as the blood vessels. Medical research conducted by renowned doctors in the world proved that daily consumption of sunlight led to improvement in the condition of people with atherosclerosis or hardened arteries.

Enhances oxygen content

Sunlight has the potential to enhance the level of oxygen in human blood. Better level of oxygen helps in easy and efficient transportation of the nutrients to the different parts of the body.

It also helps in enhancing the capacity of the body to deliver oxygen to the different body tissues effectively. Proper sunlight on a daily basis has a miraculous impact on stamina, muscular development and fitness in a person.

Promotes better immunity

Sunlight also helps in strengthening the immune system of a person. The level of white blood cells in the body increases with sun exposure. Lymphocytes or white blood cells play a significant role in safeguarding the body against different types of bodily infections easily.

Increase development of children

Medical studies performed on sunlight shows that the amount of sunlight that a baby gets in their first few months determines their overall height. Regular exposure to sunlight for a specified time enhances the development and height of children and babies.

Cures depression

The absence of sunlight can lead to sadness and depression of the person. This is especially seen during winter months. Taking proper sunlight can really help in keeping one elevated and happy.

Increases the amount of Vitamin D


About sun tanning products

There are different sun tanning products available in the market in the form of cream, lotions and sprays. These products contain melanotan peptide that gives the benefits of sunlight without any side effects such as skin cancer due to its overexposure.

  • Melanotan peptide

melanotan peptide is a beneficial method to gain the best tanned look. It stimulates melanocytes and induces tanning by way of increasing the secretion of skin darkening pigment “Melanin” in the body.

Melanotan II i.e., a popular melanotan peptide enables the user to achieve a tan without exposing themselves to excess amounts of harmful UV radiations. Not just its use prevents any kind of skin damage but also reduces the chances of skin cancer.

  • Sun Basking

Lots of people love bathing in the sun. However, Constant exposure of skin to the UV rays of the sun can result in –

  • wrinkled skin
  • premature aging of the skin
  • sunburns
  • strokes
  • sun poisoning

Skin Cancer is yet another risk when you’re exposed to sun for prolonged period of sunbathing.

  • Airbrush spray Tans

Airbrush spray tans shows rapid results and are preferable over suntans, but most of the time the tan looks unnatural. Moreover, it’s not permanent, which means it fades away quickly so it can’t be considered as a long term option.

  • Self-Tanning Lotions

Like spray tans, Self-tanning lotions too show rapid results. However, it works effectively on the condition that you have applied it uniformly on your body if not, you may

  • Witness orange shades on your skin
  • May get allergic reactions.

Get a blotched or spotty skin

  • Bronzing Powders

Effective Bronzing Powders gives you a natural, radiant glow, but all that glitters are not always gold. They are impermanent as well as expensive.

Cheaper Bronzing powders are widely available. They contain cheaper, but dangerous ingredients which cause severe effects to your skin when used for a long time.

  • Tanning Booths

Booths are more desirable than sunbathing. However, it’s a tan, whether you get while sunbathing or when you are on a bed exposing to UV light bulbs. It does have bad consequences. Many of the skin cancer cases have been reported by people using tanning booths


Thus, sunlight can lead to a multitude of health benefits on a person. Overexposure to sun rays can lead to poisonous sun tanning from head to toe. Sun tanning products that contain melatonin I and II offer the best sun-kissed glow and health benefits without any side effects of sun tanning.

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