How to Get Car Insurance at the Most Affordable Prices – Tips From Experts

grtghythteyWe all love saving money since we know the value of money. Owning a vehicle can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. It is in our best interest that we ensure as much of the money we earn as possible stays with us. When money comes in and disappears without a trace, it gets us concerned about how we spend it. Purchasing a vehicle is expensive, particularly if the vehicle is a really good one. But anyone who has ever owned a vehicle will agree that purchasing the vehicle compared to maintaining it is the most affordable part. For this reason, ensuring that we get the most affordable insurance for our vehicles is paramount. Below are a few things to consider to enable you to automatically get the cheapest car insurance around.


Who said that when you were done with high school, so were you done with homework? The first step in getting an affordable car insurance for your vehicle/s is doing some research and finding out what is there (Rowley & Rowley, 2008). This is perhaps the hardest part because it will consume both your precious time, as well as your energy. If possible, if you can afford it, you could hire someone to do the research for your, or if you are the boss somewhere and you have an assistant, this is one of the occasions they could come in handy.

There are various insurance companies around. To get the best deal out of them, it is your business to find out which one offers the best deal (Cheap Car Insurance With A Brand You Can Trust |, 2017). The only way you can do this is by knowing as many of these companies as possible, and familiarize yourself with the offers they give. Any reasonable person will go for the companies that give the best deals at the most affordable price.

So what kind of deals should you be looking for? Well, it’s simple, if it gets your car insured at a cheap price, that’s the kind of deal you should be looking for (Rowley & Rowley, 2008). Most insurance companies will consider your age, the car/s you want to be insured, the condition of the cars, the place the car/s are kept, as well as the reputation of the driver/s of the car/s. You should consider all these things too. One insurance company will insure your car/s, with all these considerations and more at a lower price, while another, despite the fact that you have a perfect record in all these areas, will still come out more expensive. Which of these two companies do you think you will go for?

Furthermore, consider insurance companies that offer discounts for various circumstances, situations, or conditions (, 2017). For instance, there are insurance companies that will provide a lower insurance coverage for a vehicle for a couple who just got married. Other companies will do the same as long as it’s a couple getting the insurance. Others will consider the status of the person getting the insurance; for instance, military, federal, or ex-military persons may get discounts. Other factors that may determine whether you’ll get a discount are:

  • The number of vehicles you want to be insured
  • Membership in the insurance company
  • Loyalty

And when a company doesn’t seem so obvious as to whether they give any discounts or not, ask for it. Always go for companies that offer discounts.

Who’s the Insurance for?

The foregoing section ended with a discussion on discounts. Clearly, the person whom the insurance is for influences how expensive it will be. Before we discussed discounts, now let’s look at the other extreme; insurance that may be expensive owing to the nature of the person the insurance is being acquired for.

Being young and youthful is fun, but in the insurance industry, it can also be expensive. According to, if the insurance is being secured for an individual between 16 and 19 years old, it may be more expensive than usual. The logic behind this being a not so good reality is that persons within these ages are more careless and therefore prone to accidents and destructive behaviors. Moreover, the insurance may be more expensive for males within these ages than it’ll be for females. The reason is the same; males between 16 and 19 years old are more likely to be aggressive drivers than females. Most insurance companies agree with this fact and have therefore included as part of their policy to provide slightly more expensive insurance for such individuals. This is something to take note of and come up with ways of making things more affordable for you.

To counter this reality, parents who are in charge of the expenses of the vehicles being driven by their teenagers will add them to their insurance coverage. Most companies are kinder financially when this happens. This is perhaps the best way to save money when you are dealing with the insurance of persons between the ages of 16 to 19 years old. Be that as it may, if you are 19 years old, most states will recognize you as an adult. I believe if you get married, you’ll get better deals. But please don’t just get married to get cheaper car insurance; marriage is in itself a form of insurance and can be 100 times more expensive than your car insurance if you are not careful.

At The End of the Day

After all is said and done, and you have gotten yourself an affordable car insurance, it’ll only be as good as your level of discipline and driving history (Cheap Car Insurance –, 2017). If you are prone to accidents and careless driving, the cheap insurance will not mean a thing. Most insurance companies will not be kind if your driving history indicates a lot of careless driving and accidents.

Also, think of the vehicle/s you are insuring. You’ll get either cheaper or expensive insurance depending on the kind of vehicle you are driving. It was mentioned earlier, but also where you keep your vehicle is a factor. Where you drive your vehicle is also a factor. Insurance companies will be on your neck about these things, so be prepared. A cheap car insurance is only as good as the car and person getting it.


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