The Uncovered Insurance – Could This Be You?

One of the inevitable and most disturbing things that haunt humanity is the need for safety. For those interested in human behavior, you may be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where this need comes second from the bottom of the triangle. Safety is so vital to human beings that businesses were founded and thrive on ensuring that this need is met. Insurance companies have become a vital part of our society that it’s become virtually impossible to imagine a world without them. And they are here and are successful for a reason; they play the vital role of contributing to the sense of security that human beings need.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Be that as it may, most insurance companies cover regular businesses or organizations; those that they have worked with before and are familiar with. Businesses like salons, spas, gyms, clinics, holistic, or councilors are not taken seriously by most insurance companies, and that’s why this article is here; to open your eyes because if you are a business owner operating one of these businesses or a similar one, you may think you’re safe but a storm may be brewing right under your nose.

How Safe Are You?

There are things you know, and there are things you don’t know. There are things they tell you, and there are things they don’t tell you. If you let them think for you, then you’re under their control. But if you go the extra mile and think for yourself, then you’ll realize that things are not always as they seem. It’s vital that you know and understand your business enough to determine what may and should be covered by an insurance that deals with your kind of business.


Take a beauty salon, for example; most insurance companies that provide insurance for this kind of business will cover stuff like liability and property insurance. But there are more things that a salon business owner is likely to encounter than those considered in the insurance mentioned above. It’s paramount therefore that a salon business owner looks for insurance that will consider all of the risky situations she is likely to find herself in. What if a treatment went wrong? With all the skills, knowledge, experience, and paper to show for it, what if a treatment that started out so well just went south due to an unforeseen variable? This could spell trouble for the owner, and this is a situation that most insurance companies don’t cover. That means the owner of the business will have to dig into her own pockets to settle any damages. If it was just a few pounds, it would be a manageable expense. But there’s a good chance that the damage resulting from a treatment gone bad could end up being a six-figure worth of damage. Unless you’re that wealthy, or you’ve got that much money stashed somewhere, what are you supposed to do then?

The key to being at the top in your chosen endeavor is knowing all that there is to know about your field or industry. Unfortunately, not everyone is this thorough or concerned. It’s understandable that most people will want to focus on making money, or putting the limited knowledge they have to use because this is much easier and more fun. But significant things in life rarely come easily. The point is that it’s beneficial for you to know your industry well enough to determine its red zones and come up with measures to ensure you never find yourself in a tricky, dicey, and perilous position. Considering the example given above, there are situations you may find yourself in, that are not covered by your insurance company; therefore, it’s important for you to investigate your business thoroughly and determine how safe you are with your current insurance. If you own or work in a hair or beauty salon, spa, holistic or beauty clinic, gym, or health and fitness center, a good place to start may be Salon Gold, where you can learn a little bit more about the nature of your industry and the things you may have overlooked as far your insurance is concerned.

A Safety Net; A Lifeline

Knowledge is potential power; knowledge is not necessarily power. You may know how to build a nuclear weapon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have power. Knowing how to do something and actually doing it, are different. One is potential power, and the other is kinetic energy. I don’t know about you but kinetic energy produces sound, movement; things you can actually see, hear, touch, smell, and feel. The point is that you should ascertain that you have the peace to do what you love. Learn all that there is to know about your industry, and then determine how much your insurance handles in terms of all the potential damages you’re likely to deal with. Holistic experts deal with different issues from other kinds of businesses, and the same is true with councilors. Identifying how unique your industry is, is fundamental in determining how well covered you are by your insurance company, or how effective is the insurance you’re paying for at the end of each month.

The insurance you acquire for various aspects of your life is your safety net. It helps you work in peace and sleep well at night knowing that in case of anything, there’s a sound way of handling it. Therefore, ensure that the safety net or lifeline you have is effective, and it doesn’t have any holes or loose ends that could at some point leave you in trouble.

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