Top 6 Devices to Ensure You’re Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep. We spend a third of our lives doing it, each day is dependent on it but we still neglect it. Knowing you sleep is good it’s not enough. You need to begin to understand why you slept a certain way. While you sleep at night, you have no idea what is happening. Nobody’s thinking about the most important room of our lives and how it impacts us – the bedroom. Sleep quality affects our health and the ability to function. It can make a difference between having an amazing day or a crappy day.

Now there are innovative solutions that thousands are using to stop snoring instantly or to take their night sleep to the next level. In this article, we are going to review some of these devices that may prove very beneficial to ensure a relaxing night sleep experience.

1. Silent partner


Many of us have probably been there – being around or creating a symphony of snoring noises that led to frustrating nights for us and our partners. Most snoring products today don’t fully solve the snoring problem. They are often intrusive and disrupt the quality of sleep. Well, Valley Sleep Therapy helped a lot of patients sufferings of sleep disorders. Including me.

The Silent partner is the first smart patch to quiet snoring noise. It is a smart, lightweight, and compact device that elegantly tackles what other products don’t: the snoring noise. Silent partner creates a silent zone around the head of the person wearing it, giving you and those around a better night sleep.

How does it work?

The Silent partner uses patented active noise cancellation that detects unwanted snoring sound and generates a counter sound which suppresses it. The result? Well, it’s as simple as a plus and minus. They cancel each other out.

Using vast experience with ANC technology and sleeping experts, the Silent partner was designed to be effective from as close as 20 centimeters away. Place the Silent partner on your nose and it will gently adhere to your face. The hypoallergenic adhesive will secure the device in place comfortably while you sleep.

Are you sleeping with someone who sounds like a chainsaw? Does the snoring keep you awake or keep you apart? According to statistics, in the USA snoring turns out to count among the main medical causes for divorce or break up of relationships.

2. Juvo


Juvo is a smart sleep monitor that helps you manage and improve your sleep. Most sleep monitors just track but not actively manage our chronic lack of quality sleep. It has become such a widespread problem that even the experts at the center of Disease Control consider it “a public health epidemic”, or a “zombie apocalypse” if you will.

The lack of sleep affects your creativity and productivity, you feel depressed, unable to enjoy the good things in life. It also messes up that date you have been looking forward to the whole week!

How does Juvo help?

The secret is: a good day starts the night before. Without realising, many of us are slaves to our sleep, we know very little about what happens at night, and we are at loss of how to improve our sleep.

With Juvo everything changes. Forget wearables. Juvo is so simple. Just slide the sensor under the mattress and the device will check sleep patterns, heartbeat, breathing, and even give your bedroom environment a checkup. It offers you personalised insights and recommendations to keep your sleep and overall health in check.

Juvo also works hand-in-hand with the latest smart home devices such as smart lights.

3. Hush


Life is noisy, sometimes too noisy. At the end of the day, you expect to get a break from all this clamour but sometimes there are some things that you just can’t turn off like the neighbours’ next door party or a snoring partner or maybe that snoring partner’s alarm clock.

Luckily, that’s where Hush comes up. Hush combines sound eliminating foam with noise masking so you can completely isolate yourself from the noise around you. But, in order for you to still hear the notifications you need, Hush connects wirelessly with your smartphone so you can still let the important things in. Now you can forget about the world around you and immerse yourself in a relaxing, deep sleep, knowing you will be brought back when the world needs you most. Plus, when the alarm sounds, only you can hear it; you don’t have to wake up anyone else.

Enjoy a good night sleep regardless the environment!

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4. Nora


Your snoring is putting a damper on things at home and you know it can increase the chance of strokes and heart attacks. So you go out there and try all sorts of anti-snore products and then you meet Nora.

Using Nora is simple. Just take your favorite pillow, put the expander in your pillow case, tap Nora, and go to sleep.

How does it work?

When you start snoring, Nora gently moves your head so you stop before your partner wakes up. The science of it is simple. When you fall asleep, your neck and throat muscles relax. This decreases the size of the airway and causes the vibrations. The slight movement of your head stimulates these muscles and opens the airway, so you can breathe normally again. The best part is – you won’t feel a thing. You can sleep in any position or on any part of the pillow.

It is very important to figure out why we snore. The snoring can be caused by anything from the tip of the nose all the way to the back of the throat. As we gain weight going out, the inside airway gains weight going in so it narrows. So, losing weight is very important as the first step in the fight with snoring. If you are a thin person, other reasons may cause snoring; you maybe broke your nose when you were young and played sports or when you had a fight with your sibling or your fell off a bicycle. Another reason may be a palate that is floppy, enlarged tonsils, a blockage in the sinuses, etc. No matter what the reason is, the snoring should go away.

5. Bedjet


Based on the revolutionary sleep-inducing biorhythm technology, Bedjet climate control is a luxurious, therapeutic, and delightful upgrade for any bed. This includes enabled Bluetooth to control your comfort from your smartphone or tablet.

The Bedjet cooling is felt within seconds and provides relief from stuffy summer nights and night sweats. The air-based warming is safe and powerful, not like your grand mother’s electric blanket.

6. Sense


Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep, monitors the environment of your bedroom, and reinvents you, since it watches for noise, light, temperature, particles in the air, and more.

It also tells you how soundly you were sleeping. If you were disturbed at 3 AM, you should be able to see it was your partner snoring or a car alarm went off.

We all have a sleep cycle by a traditional alarm wakes you up regardless when it is the best for you. With Sense smart alarm, it knows how to wake you up at the right time, so you don’t start the day feeling terrible.

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