Top 5 Business Apps for Windows 10

When it comes to business, the Microsoft App Store proposes a broad range of applications to assist you achieve the daily tasks. Worth mentioning cloud storage apps, file transfer apps, news apps, task management apps to ensure a better time management and productivity while in the office, and more.

Whenever you need a business application for different purposes, don’t forget to turn to the App Store, and you’ll undoubtedly find a suitable solution.

Listed below are the top 5 business apps for Windows 10.

Task Manager Free

Task Manager Free

An intuitive app built with the first purpose to help individuals tracking their productivity and ensuring they won’t miss important meetings. It is one of the easiest task management application in the Windows app store.



This application works as a search engine intended to search for jobs on a variety of sites, according to specific search criteria. All you have to do is to enter the name of the job you are looking for and your postcode, and the app will search job sites, coming up with all of the roles matching your criteria.

Currency rates converter

currency rates converter windows 10

This is a very useful app to exchange one currency into another. The application is merely tailored to individuals working in the import-export industry or who regularly do business abroad. The user interface is straightforward and intuitively built. All you have to do is to enter the amount and then scroll down to choose the currency you want to perform the conversion to. The app allows to store the most used currencies for quick access, and the exchange rates are updated automatically.

Chaos control

Chaos control

Another task management application based on the theory of GDT (get things done), by David Allen. Featuring a clean and intuitive user interface, the app is intended for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to maximize their efficiency and productivity.


box app win 10

One of the most popular cloud computing services available in Windows app store. It provides 5 GB cloud storage and allows file sharing between members of teams working on different projects simultaneously.

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