Change the Default Programs in Windows 10

Changing the default programs in your operating system is useful to make sure the files are opened with your favorite apps. Setting up the program associations will make life much easier for you. With just a double click on a file, you can open it with the favorite app.

Changing a file association is as simple as right-clicking a file, choosing “Open with” and ticking the “Always use this app” when you select the program.

In case you need to modify the default associations, follow the guidelines in this tutorial.

1. Open up the Start menu and go to Settings

win 10 settings start menu

2. Open the System Settings


3. Go to Default apps

default apps

Underneath each category of applications listed right side of that window, you will see the default apps.

4. Set default programs


Scroll down to an application type, such as web browser, and click the app underneath (for example Firefox). Choose the application to use as your new default.

5. Set defaults by file type

Set defaults by file type

The “Choose default applications by file type” is recommended to create exceptions for the rules set before. (step 4)

6. Set defaults by application type

If you click “Set defaults by app”, you can select an app and click ‘Set this program as default’ to make it the default app for everything it can open.

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