A Short Review of Nikon D3300

In this article we are going to introduce and review the Nikon D3300. The camera is an entry-level, the second-tier camera that is lighter and stronger, compared to the previous D3200 model. Nikon has slightly reduced the size of the D3200. The brand-new new collapsible 18-55 mm kit lens makes the biggest difference between the two models. If we place the two cameras next to each other, we can clearly notice the difference.
Nikon D3300
As compared to the previous version, the lens in D3300 collapses down to a smaller size, making it easier to fit into a case or a bag.
There are relatively few buttons on the back of Nikon D3300, with much of the control done by the means of the screen. Nonetheless, it’s a shame that this kind of expensive device isn’t fully touch screen sensitive. It is also not tilting, making it difficult to use when photographing from awkward angles.
The user interface has been consistently revamped compared to D3200, featuring a cleaner look. The camera display now shows three circles: the aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity. The ISO’s place changed, you can set it by scrolling down a button. The aperture on the display opens and closes as you manually open and close the camera’s aperture.
user interface
Similarly to D3200, a quick menu is activated on the display with the simple push of the “I” button on the main panel of the camera. Using the directional keys, you can access a menu where you can change a broad range of settings such as the white balance or exposure. Unfortunately, the menu is not customizable, so if there is something in the menu you occasionally use, you are stuck with it.
The camera has a function button close to the lens socket. By default, holding it down allows modifying the ISO; you can change its functionality to control several other settings if you prefer.
Changing the focal point is also straightforward. Pressing the directional arrow buttons allows you set the focal point you need, which is also visible on the display.

Although the D3300 features similar pixel count to the D3200 model, the sensitivity is different as it does not have optical low-pass filter, with a positive effect on the detailed reproduction.
The image quality obtained with the camera is impressive, with bright, punchy colors and an excellent detailed reproduction. Although it is not specifically problematic, the camera sometimes favors detailed reproduction over noise-reduction.

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