Basic Steps to Get Your Ex Back – A Short Guide for Women

Being in love with an ex is one of the hardest experiences we can have because we get robbed of our love lives, we try to move on, we go out with other people, yet we still think about the ex.

You go past places you used to hang out you’re thinking about your ex and, literally, being in love with an ex robs people of years of their love life and so there are only two options: you either move on and free yourself of the ex or you get your ex back.

In this article, contributed by the team at Tescort, we are going to share with you four proven strategies for how you can win your ex back. The irony of the four strategies is these four strategies are actually the same four strategies that can help you release your ex and win him back. They actually work side by side to position you to create the best love life you can.

Move from Scarcity to Abundance

The principle number one is to move from scarcity to abundance. This means moving out of the mindset that your ex is the only person that you could ever be in love with, that your ex is the only one that you could ever have a deep meaningful relationship, and move into a state of abundance – which means that there’s more than just your ex.

What if there was another possibility? What if there was someone else out there that could even be better than that ex? What if the best has yet to come? When you are clinging to the idea of being with your ex, you’re in scarcity mode; when he is the only person that can make you happy and that’s the least attractive state that you can be in. In contrast to this, when you move to this beingness of getting a whole bunch of other options out there, that actually positions you as a higher value person.

So, what you want to do is you want to write down your ex’s good qualities but also write down all the ways in which your ex has fallen short of, because that will help you tap into the possibility that there actually is someone out there that could be even better for you

Dissolve your Attention Cord

Maybe you believe in this, maybe you don’t, but science has proven this. As you focus on your ex, remember your ex, scroll through photos of your ex, or anytime you’re thinking and dwelling on your ex, he is actually picking up those vibes. Your ex is receiving those signals and they are feeding your ex with your energy.

There’s a great book written, called “The Intention Experiment” where they measured intention and attention on different things. They put one group of people in a room and another group of people in another room, they took an individual, and that individual was shown on the TV camera to the other group. Then the TV camera would turn off and turn back on and that individual could tell just by how they were feeling whether or not they were being viewed by people in another room. Your ex is actually picking up your energy. You need to dissolve that energetic cord with your ex because you need your ex to miss you and to have the desire for you again.

Cleanse your life from all the triggers of your ex, stop following them on social media, stop looking at those photos, and redirect your mind towards other things.

A New You

Create You 2.0 and then share it with the world. What this means is while you’re dissolving your energetic attention from your ex, put it on things that you love, focus on creating a new version of yourself – a fuller version of yourself. Take that new class, go to the gym, hang out with your friends, make some new friends. Learn as you grow, as you evolve, and then post pictures of that online. Your ex is going to see those pictures – you are fine, you hanging out with new people, etc. He will think: “Oh, wow, I don’t know that person!” He will see you evolving and that creates a degree of mystery in you. Mystery creates intrigue and intrigue is a core component of attraction.

The reminiscent open-door text

Go past the place you and him used to hang out, take a picture of that place, and then send it to him. Simply write this text along with the pic “remember this?” and put a little winky face next to that. He will get all of a sudden, a flood of reminiscent emotions of what it was like to be with you in a place where you had a connection, where you bonded with one another. If he’s interested, if he’s the right man for you, he will reach out. If he’s not the right man for you, you’ve got to let him go and chances are you’ve been preparing yourself at this moment. Thus, it’s going to be easier than ever before to recognize he is not the right guy for you and move forward.

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