4 Basic Ways to Improve Your Car’s Durability

Owning a car can be quite a demanding task at times, but it all comes down to your mindset. If you see car responsibilities as something that is extremely demanding and you do not enjoy these things, you should not expect your car to last long. Even though we are all caught up with numerous responsibilities, it is essential that you dedicate some time for checking your car’s parts regularly. There are many things you can do in order to prolong your car’s durability.

Regular service

1This is the most basic principle that you should follow. There are many parts in a car and the malfunction of a smaller part can cause a lot of damage to bigger parts, eventually, so skipping regular services can lead to much higher costs for one repair job, not to mention the increased risk of being involved in an accident. It is very important to find a licensed servicer who is skilled and who will, in time, become familiar with the behavior of your car and the terrain your car is used on.


Many people are not skilled drivers and they tend to cause damage to their vehicles by not being responsible while driving. People often drive in the wrong gear and this causes the engine to struggle more and it leads to faster deterioration, it also increases the use of oil, which you would have to buy more often in order to refill. Many people are not aware that their bad driving habits are actually worsening the condition of their vehicle. Another thing that is often overlooked by many people is that the engine requires some time to warm up and that it should not be driven before it reaches an appropriate temperature. Another important factor you should be careful with is acceleration and deceleration. Many people wear out their breaking pads by using their breaks to suddenly slow down. Take your time, you are rarely in a hurry and reckless driving will only provide you with several minutes of time but you risk too many things when driving like that.


1This is an important thing that you should think about before getting a car. What will you use your car for? What is the terrain you are going to drive it in? All these questions will help you make the right choice. If you plan to take your vehicle off road, you should get a vehicle with better suspension or you should consider getting an average vehicle which you can improve with a custom made suspension kit, specially designed for off road conditions. This will make the drive more comfortable not only for your, but for your car as well – good shock absorbers will put your engine through less stress; other parts of your car as well.


2Having good suspension is very important for the durability of the whole vehicle. Even though investing in a good suspension kit will save you money over a long period of time, there are additional steps you can take by getting further protection that will prolong its lifespan. The parts we are talking about are boot kits, which are created using a high resistant type of rubber. Its function is to absorb energy created by the impact of the wheel when it encounters a bump, its function is also to protect the shock absorber and it also keeps the dirt from the off road terrain away from the shaft, which additionally improves the lifespan of the shock absorber. Keep in mind that the best way to protect your suspension is to slowly go over bumps and to drive carefully in off road terrains.

There are many other steps that will help you prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, the above mentioned are those with which every driver should be familiar with. However, keep in mind that it is essentially all up to you. If you decide to be more responsible with your vehicle, it may end up serving you for a very long period of time without any problems. On the other hand, if you skip all the recommended steps, you might end up with a greater amount of stress due to the higher expenses you will suffer when replacing certain parts. Be responsible and prevent this from happening, you will be more satisfied in the long run.

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