6 Deadly Driving Distractions that Can Lead to Accidents

distracted-drivingDistractions can take the attention of motorists from driving, making them miss critical objects, events, and cues and even abandon the control of vehicles, leading to a crash. Distracted drivers do not just risk themselves but everyone else sharing the road. According to a study, one in every ten crashes in the U.S. involves distraction, causing more than three thousand deaths every year.

Distracted Driving takes Eyes off the Road!

To drive safely, you need to give the road full attention. Drivers who divert their awareness, to speak on cell phones or for sending text messages risk the lives of selves as well as others on the road. Distracted driving is now the ‘new drunk driving’.

Distractions inside the vehicle are found in abundance. For most professionals, their cars are truly their office on wheels. For the comparatively younger population, car serves as the social hub it has been for decades. Cars, today act as the best spot to receive calls and send texts and such acts can lead to deadly consequences.

Here are some deadly distractions that can cause a fatal accident.

  1. Cell Phone Usage

Nowadays, phones can do almost anything. Phones can work as a radio, a computer, a GPS as well as a device to help us remain in touch with others.

Regardless of whether phones are in use for calling, texting, searching the web or finding directions, the very act of paying attention to phones while driving is a recipe for disaster. Phones take both your hands as well as eyes away from driving; thus, you are lessening both your availability as well as the reaction time.

You can plan ahead to stay away from this habit of distracted driving. If you are expecting a call while on the road, find a place to park your car and answer the call. You can also put your phone on the speaker and get a passenger answer the call.

Never use your phone while driving. If you find yourself reaching out for your phone continually while driving, you can keep your phone in the backseat.

  1. Daydreaming and External Distractions

A survey of the car accident cases found that most of the accidents are caused by external distractions or daydreaming. Daydreaming takes away all attention and is one of the most crucial causes behind fatal accidents.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the road to decrease the probability of accidents.


  1. Adjusting Car Settings

Avoid adjusting mirrors, switching between radio channels or adjusting the temperature while driving. According to the vehicle accident reconstruction agencies, these activities are highly distracting, resulting the driver in losing control. If you need to change the settings, steer the car to a safe location and then make the necessary adjustments. This will bring down the risk of accidents substantially.

  1. Keeping an Eye on Kids

The women drivers are more prone to keep an eye on kids and do other chores while driving. If you are traveling with kids, keep them occupied with toys and books so that they don’t distract you. If you must attend their needs, park at a safe place and do the needful.

  1. Eating or Drinking

Using the car as a moving restaurant is risky. Compared to other distracted driving habits on the list, this one appears to be comparatively tame.

Make sure that you eat before or after you go behind the wheel. Simple things like unpacking food to take a bite or sipping coffee can cause danger. When you are driving and eating, your focus gets divided. If you have spilled coffee or sauce on your clothes, won’t you try cleaning it? This will divert your attention and take your eyes off the road. Make sure to avoid distractions like these to be safe on roads.

  1. Singing or Talking

Singing or talking can interfere with driving; slowing down the response time. Though simply talking or singing usually does not impair the performance of the driver, listening to loud music or talking loudly can take attention off the road. Turn off music while driving in bad weather conditions or new surroundings. Engaging in games or discussions will increase the possibility of meeting with accidents.

singing and driving

If all the drivers take steps to minimize distractions while behind the wheel, accidents caused by distractions are bound to come down. All the drivers need to be responsible and a significant part of this responsibility is avoiding distractions as much as possible to keep roads a safe place for all.

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