Tips for Anchors and Show Hosts

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With the start of every new tv show that requires an anchor, people wait desperately to know how good the anchor will be. An anchor is as important as the concept of the show because it allows the audience to get into the groove and enjoy the show.

So, a show’s success or failure depends on the choice of anchor too.

While shortlisting anchors for a show, there are so many things the organizers look into.

We have understood the points and have accordingly made a list of tips that can help you improve your chances as an anchor.


An anchor should not only have a good, strong and suitable voice but should even have the potential to modulate his or her voice at regular intervals. A monotonous voice is not appreciated by many. So, make it a point to work on your voice quality and modulation.

Facial expressions

Well, if people are going to look at your face, they do not expect you to have the same look all the time. They want you to make necessary modifications in your expressions according to the situation.

If the scene is happy and you have a straight face, you might simply kill the mood.

So, make it a point to practice different facial expressions depending on the situation.


Well, as an anchor, you are on the stage to entertain people. You can do that in some ways, but gestures are one of the easiest ways to impress your audience. The most important thing here is that people can see you and if they can see you, you can make constant efforts to show them rather than telling them what is on your mind.

So, learn different gestures that can help you all the way from the selection process to the show’s last episode.

Get into the groove of the episode

If you have a theme for the episode, you should make it a point to get into the groove and opt for necessary add-ons that can make the episode even more interesting. Yes, add-ons are thought of by the management usually, but you can always think of an add-on that will simply give you an edge. This tip works best in the selection process where everyone is at the same level, and your creativity will help you get an edge over other contestants.


In every case, confidence is important because it will determine whether you have the potential to carry the look at a given point in time or not.

Remember, as an anchor, everything is being judged, right from the selection process till the last episode, you will be judged at every single point. So, make it a point to maintain confidence in your look all the time.

Looks matter too!

One cannot neglect the fact that your looks are so very important that other points like intelligence can still be considered secondary in a number of cases. So, it is not difficult to understand the fact that looking good is so very important.

If you want to look good, you should make an effort to look good by opting for the right dress and accessories. Makeup is important too. Even in the case of men, makeup holds importance.

For this, if you can make a clever choice by opting for designer dresses and good quality makeup products and accessories, you can get an edge over the others.

While still in the selection process, this is extremely important. Later on, the same are sponsored by the sponsors, but you will still have to work on checking your look and being sure that you are comfortable carrying the look.

Public speaking courses

There are so many public speaking courses available in the world and choosing one of them that can be good enough for you is an important step. Public speaking courses will help you understand whether you have the ‘X’ factor to pursue your dream as an anchor and take it to the next level or not. If yes, you can go ahead with your plans and if not, you can simply take necessary steps to improve your chances in the field of anchoring.

This is not all. An anchor will get n number of opportunities to speak in front of the public, and it can include live stage shows too. If that happens, you will not get the necessary retakes to impress the audience. So, make it a point to use these courses in the best possible way and be happy with the lessons learned from these courses.

In a number of cases, people consider these courses to be an additional cost, but they aren’t additional costs. This is an investment that will pay off only if you pursue your dream and go ahead with your plans.

Apart from this, what else rings in your mind when we talk about tips for an anchor?

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