Permanent Makeup: Pros and Cons

You have just woken up. But, you are already thirty minutes late! You have children to prepare for school, breakfast to make, and you have to rush to work. Then it crosses your mind that you haven’t applied your makeup. Gosh! You exclaim “how great it would be if I don’t have to worry about makeup every day.”

Well, you are not alone.

Most women are going through what you are experiencing. But, did you know that permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that requires you to evaluate the pros and cons critically?

Permanent makeup is done using a procedure called micropigmentation. The process involves the use of a tattoo pen to inject permanent ink your skin. Doctors use anaesthetics to numb the area the tattoo is being placed to numb the skin from pain. After the procedure, the spot may swell for 2-5 days and will eventually crust over before healing.

Before you resort to having a permanent makeup, you must consider the cost implications. Usually, the procedure is expensive.

What are the pros?


The most apparent benefit of permanent makeup is to wake up each morning with your “face on.” It does not just end there. You can exercise, swim, shower, and still, maintain that look without any alterations. It is convenient for people who are always on the go.


Absolutely! Permanent makeup saves you those 10 or so minutes that you spend each day on the mirror doing a routine procedure.


Have you ever taken a glimpse into your mirror only to notice that half of your eyebrow is wiped off? Now, Permanent makeup is the panacea to this problem. Permanent makeup eliminates all the worries of smearing, smudging or wiping.

Tailor suited to your preference.

Everyone has his taste when it comes to makeup. Some like bright colours while others prefer dark colours. Styles also vary among most women. Permanent makeup comes in different colours and styles to suit your preference.

Restores and builds confidence.

If you are having confidence issues either due to aging or body scars, then permanent makeup may be the solution. It will restore your confidence and make you feel beautiful.

What are the cons?

Not Easy To Remove.

As the name suggests, permanent Makeup is PERMANENT. Now, if you are the undecided guy who would love to change the style and colour of your makeup, then permanent makeup is not for you. Just know that once you choose to have the permanent makeup, then the tattoo you have will be there for the rest of your life. And if you opt to remove it, then brace yourself for an expensive procedure.

Removal of the permanent makeup may be a prolonged and painstaking process. It requires several visits to the physician, and you will undergo a lot of pain.

Risky Business.

Before deciding to apply permanent makeup, take note that it is a dangerous cosmetic procedure. It should always be carried out by a trained and licensed professional to ensure that risks are minimal if not eliminated. Always take note that the process comes with the following risks:

  • Infection. If the procedure is undertaken with unsterile needles and equipment, the risk of transmitting infections such as staph bacteria and hepatitis.
  • Granulomas. When the body perceives foreign material, nodules may form around the tattoo pigments.
  • Scarring. For those who are susceptible to developing scars, then undergoing a permanent makeup procedure may put you at the risk of developing keloid formation. Keloid formation entails the development of scars beyond reasonable boundaries.
  • Allergic reaction. They are not very common but, when they occur, they can be very debilitating. Eliminating the pigment is not an easy process, and thereby its continued presence exacerbates the situation.

The Likelihood of fading.

Never assume that permanent is synonymous with not fading. Over time, the permanent makeup will fade. So, be prepared to have a faded eyeliner. If you are daring and resilient enough, then be ready to have a repeat procedure. I doubt if you will prefer the latter.

Having looked at the pros and cons, it is upon you to determine whether you will prefer the permanent makeup or you will continue with your daily routine of applying makeup. But, always weigh the options with a long-term perspective.

You need to take time to arrive at a decision. Never be swayed by capricious decisions just because a friend has undergone the procedure. And, if you are insistent on undergoing the process, then please let a professional doctor handle it. At the end of the day, your health is more important. Good luck!

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